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CM CLUB....Items that parents forget....

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hennipenni · 15/05/2007 11:29

(not a parent bashing thread!!)

Todays offer is nappies...ho hum, out in the rain to buy some more!

Other items forgotten in the past....pushchairs, coats, change of clothes..

OP posts:
MaureenMLove · 15/05/2007 11:38

I have had forgotten shoes! He had to wear a pair of spare wellies all day. It was June!!! This morning, I had various children on the way to school without rain coats. The worst one was a dummy! She only liked old, worn in ones, so it was a hell of a day!!

fireflyfairy2 · 15/05/2007 11:46

I forgot to leave ds's coat on Monday as I dropped him off early & I had an exam.

C/minder was a bit off with me later, even though I apologised, it was a genuine mistake!!

Sometimes I feel like she thinks I forget these things on purpose, yeah... as I like the thought if ds being without a coat & cold all day

Last summer I left a light jacket at her house all the time, as some mornings it was warm & he didn't need a coat, then it cooled later, am planning on doing it the next day he is there too

crace · 15/05/2007 12:01

Fireflyfairy - I think that is a great idea. We do know it's not on purpose, well most of the time

We are all human.

It's the forgetting of the nappies that I find a bit troublesome, mindee1 mummy and daddy do it quite a bit. Trouble is my dd is in cloth so no extras!

ayla99 · 15/05/2007 12:21

coats are often forgotten as most arrive in their cars and don't need them for the journey to my home.

Wipes/nappy sacks are often forgotten, too.

I am equally guilty of not packing up all of mindies belongings - quite often after everyone has gone home I find someone's sock, dummy, teddy etc.

hennipenni · 15/05/2007 12:21

Lots of my parents leave extra coats, clothes etc....At least so far no parent has forgotten their child!! although they do on occasions forget to tell me if they're going to be late for dropoff etc.

OP posts:
hennipenni · 15/05/2007 12:23

oh and I'm deffo guilty of forgetting to pack things at home time.

OP posts:
crace · 15/05/2007 12:23

me too - hairclips, teddies, and drink cups..

dmo · 15/05/2007 12:24

i have coats/nappies/cups/bottles that live at my house which is great as they are never forgotten but take up space in my cupboards

quietmouse · 15/05/2007 12:51


JennaJ · 15/05/2007 13:50

One of my little ones came in a jumper today with no coat and no raincoat....its been p***g it down with rain!!

Now I love the mum and the mindee and am not having a go. I KNOW how easy it is to forget things in the rush in the morning...but a coat!!!

I just know she is going to want to know why we haven't been out much you think she will like the answer! LOL

Had someone once forget to collect their child once...mum thought hubby was doing it and he thought mum was collecting. Took 3 hours to track someone down to come and collect..then had to bug them for weeks about the extra money owed!! Didn't keep that mindee for very long....

fireflyfairy2 · 15/05/2007 15:30

Well, in defence of my own childminder, it seems that she has a lot of common sense.

She actually lets my ds wear a coat belonging to her son if I forget his.

Do any of you have children of your own that could lend the mindee a coat/jumper/whatever on the occassions they are forgotten?

crace · 15/05/2007 15:38

I am lucky that my daughter is a few months older than main mindee so she just borrows our stuff but it's the nappies that is the hardest for us. I had to let them borrow one of our cloth nappies and wrap and still haven't gotten it back. I hate bugging people too

looneytune · 15/05/2007 15:42

I have a 4 year old ds and quite often the 1 year old ends up with his coat on BUT in fairness, you can get a right headache IF you have a dd/ds who gets funny about seeing mindees in THEIR things. Example of this is when I had mindee the same age and she kept having wee wee accidents but still no spare clothes in her bag. I was constantly putting ds's trousers/pants on her but it really was a nightmare as ds would start going off on one!!!

Shoshable · 15/05/2007 15:48

The worst thing a mother ever forgot was her CHILD!!!

Mother came in, in a rush at the end of a day to pick up her daughters 8 & 10, grabs their bags as I'm talking to her the older one takes the car keys and goes out to the car younger one is sitting next to me with baby on her lap, mother goes out to car, gets in drives to end of rd to turn around looks in mirror and realises younger child not there, meanwhile in the house I say to the younger child

'Mums forgotten you'

child shrugged nonchalantly

'Its not the fist time' and carries on playing with baby

Cue mother flying through the door.

Yes mother was blonde and no she never lived it down!

motherinferior · 15/05/2007 15:49

We forgot DD1's shoes once (DP took her in the car).

My childminder made her views felt. I took her flowers

God I love my childminder.

fireflyfairy2 · 15/05/2007 15:52

Sometimes just one look from my childminder can make me feel so inferior

Like the time I sent a tin on custard as ds had some at my mums & loved it... she handed it to me at pick up, in front of the other mindees mum & said "We do not eat canned custard in this house, I make my own

Shoshable · 15/05/2007 15:53

I bought two of these and they are in my hallway, each child has one, parents leave spare clothes, a coat, and nappies in it, when a child has half a nappy bag left I stick a sticker on there back as I always forget to ask, that way parents know to bring some

MaureenMLove · 15/05/2007 15:55

BLimey FFF! Thats a bit off! If you wanted you lo to eat tinned custard, then thats up to you isn't it? If I stood by that rule, there'd be a thirsty little boy here - he ONLY drinks you know what!!!

fireflyfairy2 · 15/05/2007 15:57

I didn't really want him to have that particular type, just he had had it at my mums & enjoyed it so I bought some

Now he has her home made stuff & he still eats the other at my mums. The rest of us don't like custard

MaureenMLove · 15/05/2007 16:00

You're really good at this job Shosh! You always seem to come up with really good ideas! I aspire to be like you!!!

PinkChick · 15/05/2007 16:01

the amount of times ii have put dd's clothes on mindee, inc underwear, trousers and NEVER got them back to this day!.other than that mine have never 'really' forgotten much..other than to pay me!

PinkChick · 15/05/2007 16:02

i get parents to birng back with spare clothes in at start of week, younger ones bags also inc nappies, wipes, cream inc sun cream, comforters etc, must say all barring one are very good at remembering these!

islandofsodor · 15/05/2007 16:06

Two weeks ago our dance teacher turned up to class with a black bag of nappies. The person looking after her baby was left with the bag of CD's!!!!!

soak · 15/05/2007 16:15

MML - what is it he only drinks? (I dont know

Shoshable · 15/05/2007 16:30

Mo after the amount of years Ive been doing this, I better have learnt a few lessons I also have mahe some norrendus balls ups, sop please dont aspire to much

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