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Allycat · 15/05/2007 10:41

Hi there. I have had a mindee for over a year and his Mum told me this morning that he is starting pre-school in September and that we need to discuss it as she didn't want to lose me as there would be no fee whilst he was at pre-school. It was real rush and I did not have time to react and just told her that we will talk later. Am I right in thinking that she should still be paying me in full considering I can not use the place for anyone else or do people charge half fee like a holiday retainer? I will have him full days in the school holidays and I'm sure she hadn't even considered this and I'm also sure that I am to be "on call" should anything happen to mindee or school. What is the norm? Thanks, Allycat.

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looneytune · 15/05/2007 10:48

I charge and DEFINITELY would if you're online and/or they need you in the holidays - you couldn't get anyone else to take those hours!! That's the norm round here


hennipenni · 15/05/2007 10:49

You charge full fees because as you said you can't let that place gp to anybody else.


looneytune · 15/05/2007 10:53

Oops, I meant on call - not well today, that's my excuse


IdrisTheDragon · 15/05/2007 11:01

DS goes to pre-school on one of the days he's with the c/m and I pay full fees for those 2.5 hours - wouldn't have thought it would be any different.


Debbiethemum · 15/05/2007 11:14

Will you be taking him to pre-school?
As the only way I could see Mum not paying you for that time is if she took him and wsa 'on-call' and you just picked him up. This is still up for discussion though


Allycat · 15/05/2007 11:21

Thanks for the reassurance. One thing that I neglected to mention is that he will be 2y3m and so will not be entitled to a free pre-school place until he is 3y. So she is paying for pre-school place in full and also me in full. Does this change anything? Thanks x

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Debbiethemum · 15/05/2007 11:22

Nope - that is why I didn't put my dd in pre-school at that age


Katymac · 15/05/2007 13:51



Katymac · 15/05/2007 13:51

Sorry I ment that doesn't make a difference


edker · 15/05/2007 14:32

Hi Allycat
I learned all childminders charge full money in my area. I told one parent I won't charge any money on holidays but I will do opposite.
I am new in this business so I am learning still.


Allycat · 17/05/2007 23:41

Thankyou everyone. I have told Mum that it is chargeable and explained why and so see how it goes! Thanks again for your reassurance. Allycat x

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