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Nanny Birthday

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harrisey · 14/05/2007 00:52

Hi there, I have had a nanny who is fab, amazing, brilliant etc since last autumn.

Its her birthday in 2 weeks (on the Bank Holiday) and I have already offered her the day off as an extra (though she didnt ask she was delighted). What do you do for your Nanny's birthday? At Christmas she got a weeks pay bonus and a huge Lush box of treats. I suppose (hope!!) that birthdays are not so expensive? What's the deal? Obv the children will do cards etc for her but not sure what we shoudl get for her - dont want to do either too much or too little. She has been very nice for all our b'days - dh and I both got presents, and she spent abotu £25 on each child on their birthdays! We gave her a big Easter Egg from the kids, - she turned up her first day back after Easter hols with huge boquet of flowers for me.

I know she is a star - I want to do something nice that will not embarrass her.

OP posts:
jura · 14/05/2007 01:14

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SofiaAmes · 14/05/2007 05:51

Or a voucher for a massage or some other pampering treat. Kind of thing you woudl never splurge for yourself, but are always happy to have.

nannyj · 14/05/2007 07:17

My bosses spend £100 on me for birthdays and Xmas.But just spend what you caqn afford she won't be expecting a huge present. The day off is fab by the way.

ScottishThistle · 14/05/2007 10:43

Nice to give her the day off especially since it's a bank holiday.

I like when my Boss asks me if there's anything I'd like, perhaps just ask her for a few suggestions...Last year I got a DVD player for my Birthday (December) & a stack of DVD's for my Xmas.

I'm very generous with my Bosses/Charge & they are also with me.

fridayschild · 14/05/2007 12:05

We give our nanny cash plus a little something to open. Now the boys are older they help to choose the something, so it can be odd...

mogs0 · 14/05/2007 13:49

One of my favourite presents was a home-made voucher for theatre tickets. It was such a lovely thought and I had a great night watching Mamma Mia with my sister!!

fifilou · 14/05/2007 14:30

my boss bought me a day at a spa for all my hard work- it was a fab day and truly relaxing! It was lovely that she recognised how hard i work!

maybe something along those lines?

I love it when the children make me cards or a play dough present. It's the thought that counts, not how expensive the present is. It sounds as if you treat her well, so dont worry!

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