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CM Club: Another variation letter question!!

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mogs0 · 10/05/2007 22:38

I'm trying to write my variation request to ofsted and just wanted to check if I need to include anymore detail.

I am currently reg to have 2 children 0-8yrs. When I registered my ds was 2 but is now at school full-time. I currently have 4 mindees over 4 days (only 2 at a time). I want to increase my numbers to 3 children between 0-8yrs.

In my letter I have listed the children who attend, giving details if their d.o.b. and which days they attend.

I've put that my ds has been at school full time since September.

Have put that 1 mindee is term time only with occasional care required in the hols.

I've requested the variation so that if any parent requires an extra day or needs to change their day then I'll be able to meet their needs.

I've written a brief paragraph listing the equipment I have to accomodate 3 children (ie highchairs, buggys etc). -I'm not sure how much detail I need to put in this one.

I have then put another paragraph detailing the great relationships between mindees on particular days and how I think they'll all get on well if another child (from a different day)is added to the mix.

Finally, I've started to write a paragraph about how my ds fits into the weekly routine and that he's comfortable sharing our home with the other children although not sure that I need to include this.

It's my first variation request and I really have no idea how much detail I need to give or whether I'm waffling too much!! Any advice greatly appreciated!!

OP posts:

mogs0 · 10/05/2007 23:33

Anyone out there?

I've thought of another thing! Do mindees have to have a room each to sleep during the day or are they allowed to share?

OP posts:

S88AHG · 11/05/2007 13:05

All sounds good you just need to make sure you sound like mary poppins!!! Also add in the phrase I will be able to meet the needs of all the children, and maybe explain how you would cope with emergency situation, basically cover any thing that may happen whilst in your care. Best of luck with it


ThePrisoner · 11/05/2007 22:07

When I've asked for a variation, I've always given lots of info, and you seem to have included everything Ofsted would need to know.

I also told Ofsted how wonderful I was - lots of experience, lots of training, part of quality-assured network, very confident in my own ability to manage lots of children (or whatever it is you are asking for).

With regard to daytime sleeping - mine have always been in one room, so I assume it must be OK. Ofsted have never said that it isn't - nurseries do it, after all.


looneytune · 12/05/2007 11:32

Oh yeah, but there's one rule for nurseries and another for childminders isn't there - remember medication policies!!

Having said that, all looks fine to me, good luck I'm going to be writing to them too to see if they will increase my numbers as moved house.


mogs0 · 12/05/2007 17:28

Thanks, I wasn't sure if I'd need to write about myself as they have all that info already but I suppose it won't hurt to tell them again!

OP posts:

Katymac · 12/05/2007 19:32

Gosh with me having 9 - how would I manage separate rooms I think that as long as they have separate bedding that is all that counts


mogs0 · 12/05/2007 21:46


Do you find they get off to sleep easily if they're sharing a room?

Maybe I'll practise before I ask for the variation just to check it works otherwise I'll have to sit in my kitchen while they're sleeping in seperate rooms!

OP posts:

Katymac · 12/05/2007 21:47

I put them down at 5-10 minute intervals

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