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does anyone need a mothers help/nannyCM assistant in the dudley/stourbridge/brierley hill area?

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nappyaddict · 10/05/2007 15:11

i am not qualified but i want to gain some childcare experience as all the jobs i have looked at won't even look at me because i don't have any.

i don't drive but can get to all the above areas easily.

i can get a first aid certificate if required.

i have my own 10 month old son who i would need to bring with me.

i am doubtful that anyone will want me but i thought it was worth a shot as i have a friend who is a nanny and isn't qualified (she obviously gets paid a lower rate) so i thought someone else might give me a chance like they did her.

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slalomsuki · 10/05/2007 15:20


If you had asked m,e a few months back I would have snapped your hand off, but now am sorted for the moment with a nursery and a 4pm till evening babysitter. Will kepp you in mind

nappyaddict · 10/05/2007 15:21

oh forgot to say i have done the first year of a spanish with psychology of learning and development, education and social psychology degree. (very random i know)

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lucalacey · 31/05/2007 10:58

I'm looking for a mother's helper/baby sitter in the Halesowen area from late Aug 07. Just evenings for a 2 year old girl who is at full time nursery in the day. She is a little star!

nappyaddict · 24/11/2007 00:33

argh why did i not check this thread before now? ds is now 17 months

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