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CM Club - Looking after friends children (but not working?)

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Booh · 08/05/2007 17:21

This is going to be long and a bit complicated!

But I have been asked by a friend to look after her 8month old baby this thursday for a few hours while she has an appointment at the hospital - I said, oh yes that will be fine!

But I already have an 8month old myself and a 3year old!

Now, can I do this, I WILL NOT BE WORKING, just looking after a friends baby! Or can I get into trouble with Ofsted, I called Ofsted and they didn't really know, someone may call me back that they are very busy today!!

Thanks all!

PS - I will be out and about with my extra child doing nursery run etc so I may be 'seen'

OP posts:

julia5 · 08/05/2007 17:25

Hello Booh I can't see any problem with this, I am assuming the 8mth old and the 3yr old are your own DC. You are being a good friend


nannynick · 08/05/2007 18:16

I don't think there is a definitive answer to this one alas. If the period of time involved is less than 2 hours, then it isn't going to be a huge problem... but longer than that, then technically you are minding. To be minding there needs to be a 'reward' but that term is very loose, so isn't just money... but would include anything at all the other parent does for you in any way, shape or form.

I'd say keep a low profile... avoid anyone who knows you are not registered for 2 under 1's. If anyone does say anything to you, claim ignorance and say it's only for an hour!


dmo · 08/05/2007 18:40

should be fine are the 8 mth old and 3 yr old yours?
i had my niece over to sleep friday night until sat afternoon and when telling a cm friend she said i didnt know you had overnight care on your reg (WTF) silly witch

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