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au pair wants to leave beginning of July!

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friendlyedjit · 08/05/2007 13:50

feel a rant coming on sorry!
we have a nice au pair who in the main has been ok until she got herself a BF and then joined the fairies occasionally.
Have had some issues re dd2 being left in wet pants at school, as had wee'd on way etc but was getting to the other side.
Bombshell last night heading back to her home country as has been offered job as promary teacher but at the beginning of July, so have 3 weeks somehow to cover with school drop off and pick ups. Have gone out of way to try and incorporate into family etc.. and feel a bit let down although not actually devestated is leaving.........

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Eleusis · 08/05/2007 13:55

I sympathise with you, as 3 weeks of sommuer hols cover may be a bit difficult. But, on ther hand au pairs / employees do have a right to get up and go when they want (within the termsof their contract).

Where are you? Maybe there is a nearby mumsnetter who could share a nanny/au pair for a few weeks.


friendlyedjit · 08/05/2007 14:00

I can cover the school hols- but this is last 3 weeks of term... so I can take some time off but then no hols or box and cox with OH

we can try and get another au pair and get
them settled in..

I know anyone can just decide to go off and do own thing , and i am happy that she has been given this opportunity. I just feel that its not a good way to start a new job by leaving another in the lurch...or perhaps am really old fashioned and turning into Mrs Victor MIldew

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Eleusis · 08/05/2007 14:11

Oh, last three weeks of term. That is leaving you in a bit of a lurch. When I was pregnant with DS (child number 2) things weren't going so well with the nanny. She resigned (whilst I was pondering the logistics of giving her notice), but her notice would have had her end a few weeks before I was due to start maternity leave, so I asked her if she would stay on those few extra weeks and she did.

However, it might be that the job she is going to isn't willing to wait and she has to start then or lose the job offer.

Could you find a childminder for a few weeks? I don't think it would be worth the hiring process of finding one just for a few weeks -- unless you are going to keep her for the summer.


friendlyedjit · 08/05/2007 14:18

hi eleusis-

think thats what will be doing even if current au pair has to leave earlier than she thought she'd be going..and I'd hate to do that as realise has over the 5 months she's been with us made friendships etc that she'll have to deal with leaving

makes more sense to try and get someone settled in for the summer, pre august madness where everyone will be seeking childcare.

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friendlyedjit · 08/05/2007 14:20

have asked her to ask her new employer also what's the latest date she can start, poor thng was in tears last night.. partly because of liking our family and also re leaving BF.
I think i was relieved as when she came to talk to me, with serious face thought she was going to tell me she was pregnant.. her mum would not be happy..

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RahRahRachel · 08/05/2007 15:37

" I just feel that its not a good way to start a new job by leaving another in the lurch...or perhaps am really old fashioned and turning into Mrs Victor MIldew"

She's giving you almost two months notice though - how much would you expect from her? My notice period is only two weeks.


friendlyedjit · 08/05/2007 15:59

said i was turning into mrs mildew!!! and also felt like a rant-

I of course am grateful that have been given some time to rearrange everything.. and delighted not given just 2 weeks, but that doesn't change feeling of slight irritation that everyone does what suits them, particularly when I'm aware that new job doesn't start until september. i have gone out of my way to accomodate christmas break and break during half term which didn't suit us... but prehaps thats exactly why she has told us so far in advance..

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Eleusis · 08/05/2007 17:09

So, how many weeks notice are required in the contract? Can you give notice and bump up the departure date to better suit making the job attractive to the next one? For example, as you have already pointed out, there will be a lot more au pairs looking for work in June than in July. She, of course, has a right to leave, but then you also have a right to make the job as attractive as possible to attract your next au pair.


friendlyedjit · 08/05/2007 20:02

thanks- again-
am hopefully on the case- although this revolting viral thing going about not helping, and am much grumpier and more sensitive than usually am
have to look at terms and coditions again when head clearer.. and have decided even if have to pay her some money in lieiu of notice so be it
That spelling looks so wrong!! never mind off for a gram or paracetamol!! Too exciting eh?

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