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Taking Nanny On Holiday

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Whoooosh · 04/05/2007 11:36

For various reasons we have decided to take our nanny on holiday with us-just wondered if anyone else had done the same and had any tips.
We want her to enjoy it as much as us although she won't be taking it as holiday.

We thought a couple of hours looking after dd in the afternoon,plus babysitting a few evenings-is that reasonable.

She seeems delighted we want to take her and offered to stay in a 1 star hotel instead of ours (sweet).We would of course not do this-she has exactly the same room as we have.

OP posts:
Bink · 04/05/2007 11:55

Your basic idea does sound reasonable.

We took our nanny skiing with us for a week in Jan (two children, ds 7 dd 6): the arrangement was:

  • we paid her her normal weekly rate, & paid for airfare, accommodation (own room), food, etc., plus ski hire, pass, lessons, etc. So basically everything covered other than any postcards or souvenirs she might have wanted;

  • she worked from 10 till around 5.30 (I think, might have been earlier finish - which is shorter than her normal fulltime hours of 8-7) - which meant: all three having a skiing lesson together in the morning; lunch (often with us, but not always); and taking them swimming or sledging & generally having fun in the afternoon; and

  • after a couple of hours' break, she joined us for dinner. Thoughtfully, she offered to take the children up to bed for us so that we could linger on a bit (we wouldn't have asked for that if she hadn't offered).

I think she had a nice time - certainly said so!

The key things, I think, is that (a) the holiday should be "all found" so to speak; and (b) the hours she's expected to do are absolutely clear.
Bink · 04/05/2007 11:58

Oh - by the way - just in case anyone comes in saying why on earth do you have children if you take a nanny on holiday (etc.) - the reason we took her is because we tried a skiing holiday without childcare & it meant no skiing actually happened. This time we all got lots done - especially by nanny and children!

Whoooosh · 04/05/2007 12:02

Bink-was worried people may have that reaction.
If there was a Grandparent we could take we would do that but my Mum died before dd arrived and DP's parents are in their 80's.

We of course will cover all her costs and will get plenty of time to herself as we obviously want to be with dd.
Likewise,I would LOVE to be able to read a book at some point which with a rampant 2yr old isn't easy.

Given the abduction news story today-I can go out for dinner and rest easy that dd is safe.

We have deliberately picked a very child friendly resort so neither we or the nanny will be stuck for things to do with dd.

OP posts:
OFSTEDoutstanding · 04/05/2007 12:14

When I was a nanny my family took me on holiday they paid all flights, accomadation food and trips etc. I only had to work a couple of evenings and 1 full day. They also paid my weekly rate though I spent most of it on flowers and wine for the parents and a fun day out for the children as a thank you as we all had such a good time! Think it will work really well if you are clear about what is expected before you leave

knakered · 04/05/2007 21:25

Bink...what does all foumd mean?...

NannyL · 04/05/2007 21:57

as a nanny i have had LOADS of wonderful holidays / times away with variouse families...

mainly my 1st family who i worked for for 5 years.... we spent a WHOLE MONTH together on a 40ft yacht! (trust me you HAVE to get on well for that to work.... and we did )... but the following year we upgraded so did a month on a 50ft boat with more od cons and an extra bedroom (for me!) (had it have not worked i wouldnt have even considered doing it agin the following year!)
(me deviating further... i had cowes week off from my normal family last year and went away with them again for a week on their boat.. in cowes only now the children are older i basically sunbathed, sailed, socialised in cowes, and when mb and db had a ball to go to me and the kids (now older) went our for dinner

have also spent lots of weeks with them in their holiday home (a 50acre farm in the middle of nowhere in wales) + ive done skiing etc with them too.

For that last 3 years ive done cruises with another family who i worked for briefly while the child was a baby.... been to the arctic, the baltic, the caribbean and off to the carribean again in feb 2008

I have loved pretty much EVERY minute of my time away with the familys.... because the familys have tried to make it my holiday too! I think if you get along well, give nanny time enough to herself, and both make an effort then a REALLY wonderful time can be had by all!

Im always included on going out with them to restaurants for dinner etc should i want to come (and i always DO like to come!)

Also (just to show we really can have fun with not much stuff) when they 1st got the farm in wales it had 1 toilet / bathroom.... and a VERY dodgy supply of hot water.... 1 bath in the morning, 1 in the evening... but if times right (ie about 5pm we may JUST about be able to get a warmish bath again by 9pm!) washing machine and dishwasher also had to be coordinated so as to not take hot water.... bear in mind we were on a FARM, and there were always at least 6 of us but often 10+ of us all filthy and NEEDING baths...

we ALL (myself included) obviously got forced into sharing bath water, and because the only loo was in the bathroom we basically were happy for the children (normally about 6 of them) to come in and use the loo (in a different room but off of the bathroom) while we were in the bath!... and sometimes even my mummy boss would come through etc! (basically daddyboss (or other men) would not come in while i was there and i would not go in while he was in there, or any other male adults who were with us!)

despite these 'conditions' i still had a lovely time and i look back on those times with such happy memories... its just a shame all the chidlren grew up and dont need a nanny anymore

with the attitude you have it sounds like you and the nanny will have a lovely time! Good luck

Whoooosh · 04/05/2007 22:01

Thank you NannyL-she really is considered as part of the family and we would never take advantage of her.We want us all to have a great time-which I am sure we wil.

OP posts:
ScottishThistle · 05/05/2007 06:47

Sounds like you'll have a great time, it's very important to have a bit of me time when you're away (Nanny & Parent).

I've only ever had one bad experience holiday wise with a Family (they were awful to work for at home also).

I basically ended up working from 8am-11pm every day & when we were away for a month I had 1 whole day off!...Needless to say I told her where to stick her job after 9 months & that day will stick in my mind forever as my happiest day ever!

The rest of my holiday experiences have been fantastic, one of the perks of nannying!

nannyj · 05/05/2007 17:32

I can beat you ST. In Feb i went skiing for a week and had 1 hour off.

ScottishThistle · 09/05/2007 07:02

Nannyj, I think 1 hour in a week is a better deal than one day in a month!...Bearing in mind my Boss & her children were unbearable, I really deserved an award...My Agency called me a Star for sticking it out for so long!

nannyj · 09/05/2007 07:15

Ok then you win

ScottishThistle · 09/05/2007 07:18


Anything else to share horror work wise???

nannyj · 09/05/2007 10:07

Found out yesterday that i'm going to be made redundant in the Summer by reading an email left out in plain view on the office desk! Have been there nearly 3 years so i felt that was a nice way to repay me . So have to start looking for a new job..........

Eleusis · 09/05/2007 13:14

Oh no, nannyj. Do they know you know?

ScottishThistle · 09/05/2007 13:39

nannyj that's really sh*t!...Have you told them you've seen the e-mail, you don't think they left it their on purpose do you?

Must be the time of year, my Boss told me last night she's giving up work & going to College for a year so we're on the hunt for a Family to share otherwise I'll be job hunting too!

nannyj · 09/05/2007 13:42

No i don't think they know i know. In fairness they don't have to tell me yet as its in my contract to give me 6 weeks notice, but am a bit offended that they think i would leave them in the lurch with no childcare. Oh job to home to find. Anyone feel sorry for me yet?

ScottishThistle · 09/05/2007 13:47

I feel sorry for you, it's only fair that if they've already made their mind up that they should inform you to give you a bit of extra time to find a good job!

My Boss has given me 4mths notice of her decision, thankfully.

NKF · 09/05/2007 13:51

Just to clarify - if the nanny comes with you, it's as if she was working her usual week but she's away from home? Is that right? Or does she do fewer hours as compensation for the fact she's inconvenienced by being away from home? And she could say no if she didn't want to and then take it as holiday? Or some other arrangement?

toomuchtodo · 09/05/2007 13:55

wow, this brings me back a few years

I went on twice with 2 different families - each time sharing the kids bedroon with them all in it! Also having the kids all day then babysitting every night then sleeping in the same room as them...........................

not much fun!!

mishw · 09/05/2007 13:59

Be clear from the beginning what you expect of her re hours, days off and babysitting, I would not recommend leaving it as a casual arrangement.

The last family I went away with I only had 1 afternoon off in a fortnight and this was over christmas (worked xmas day, boxing day and new years day all with no extra pay) none of this was explained before hand.

Your nanny shouldn't be expecting a holiday as it is work for her just in a different environment, however you sound lovely and thoughtful and I'm sure she'll appreciate it.

Travelling can be a huge perk of nannying, just make sure you both know where you stand before you go.

Ladymuck · 09/05/2007 14:12

NKF - our nanny was entitled to a certain number of weeks off, half at our choosing and half at hers. However as we tended to say have 6 weeks away during the year it meant that we could only require the nanny to take 2 weeks as holiday - the other four she would get paid as usual even if we didn't need her. So we did write in that we could ask her to work away from home, but in a sense it does have to be appealing for her, and so far time off for her has always been a key feature.

What works for us is a mix of half days - she might do a morning shift say and take the dcs for breakfast and until lunchtime when we'd meet up and do something together (or she could go off). Or she would have the day off but babysit from 5 onwards.

Personally I wouldn't want a nanny for longer hours whilst on holiday, but I might if I had a little baby again - it would be nice to let them sleep yet still do stuff with the older ones.

My tip for Whooosh would be to be clear on what you're doing for food, especially if you are in any way self-catering. I found that I had overlooked her with some of my shopping as I would buy food for the boys, then nothing for us as we were eating out, totoally overlooking the nanny! It is a mistake that you only make once, but better not to make it at all I think.

ScottishThistle · 09/05/2007 14:20

NKF, some Nannies won't travel at all.

Those of us who do appreciate it if our Bosses spend a bit of time with their children otherwise what's the point taking the children at all!?!

I'm not required to travel with my family this year, for the first time in 15yrs!...Both Grannies are going instead, I wonder how spoiled she'll be when she returns!

Bink · 10/05/2007 10:57

NKF - we certainly consider it an optional thing - nanny could say no if she didn't want to do it. On the other hand, things like taking the children (without us) to stay with grandparents for a week here & there is so important for us that we cover it in interview & only employ people who say they are happy to do that.

If we did a lot of travelling & needed nanny to come on holiday with us as a core part of the job, then we'd put it in the contract, like Ladymuck. Rule of thumb being - if it's in the contract, it's in the job; if it's not in the contract, it's optional.

Hours on holiday - well, I think they should be a bit shorter because working away from home just tends to be a bit busier & more tiring. Also nice if nanny can get a bit of the benefit of travelling - bit of time to sightsee by herself if she wants, or (as in our case) learning to ski!

dontwanttogetoutofbed · 10/05/2007 11:07

when we take our nanny on holiday she has the exact same payment/expectations as at home, which i think works best.

we pay for everything (hotel, flight, food that she eats with us, activities she does with the children), her hours are as at home, full day and babysitting.

she gets a day and a half off each week.

she always has fun as it is always nice to go to a new place and change atmospheres. best not to start turning it into a part vacation for her though as the point of all this is for you to enjoy your vacation.

ChocolateFace · 10/05/2007 11:09

I agree.

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