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*Fabulous Employers!*

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ScottishThistle · 02/05/2007 20:39

I just wanted to give a mention to my fabulous Employers.

Anyone else care to give a pat on the back to their Boss, come on don't be shy?.

Has your Boss ever done something which made you feel quite teary?

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Beanstermummy · 03/05/2007 15:52

Not so much Boss (yet to break the news of my PG!) but company in general. They have just revised their Maternity policy and not only do I get 26 weeks FULL pay but also if I return to work I get a 3 month bonus for returning - will only have to pay back if I leave within the year!!!! They reckon recruitment and retraining costs them so much they would rather retain existing staff - added to the already excellent flexible working and understanding boss/staff can't argue really. Far better than my last shower when after 12 yrs and having reached senior management I still only got 1 week full pay!!

Happy bunny here


NannyL · 03/05/2007 18:26

oh yes

I have had (and do currently have) REALLY lovely bosses.

they are lovely to me all the time!


ScottishThistle · 05/05/2007 06:11

Beanster how fantastic, I assume you'll be returning to work?...Baby no.2?

NannyL, makes such a difference to know you're appreciated doesn't it!

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