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CM Club: Hubbies as Assistants?????

2 replies

moonstar04 · 02/05/2007 19:35

Do any of you use your partners as assistants to increase your numbers?

For instance I will need a variation for three hours, one day a week from next month. However my hubbie has also been CRB'detc so could I just use him for those three hours as he will be home at that time?

OP posts:

S88AHG · 02/05/2007 22:44

Is he registered as your assistant? Need to get it on certificate, that he is officially assistant, CRB'd isnt enough, he needs to be registered. I just rang ofsted and they sent me something to sign, was quite straight forward


ThePrisoner · 02/05/2007 23:34

My dh is registeredasan assistant - as he'd`already had the CRB done, it seemed like a good idea to get him named on my certificate, just to cover for similar reasons as yours. He was able to work from home occasionally, so was able to help cover if someone needed some ad hoc care. I also got my dds registered as assistants as they all turned 16, which meant I could have extra help during the school holidays if needs be.

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