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Help. CM Registration Inspection Imminent, any advice appreciated.

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DontlookatmeImshy · 02/05/2007 15:09

So, after doing the pre-reg course and sending off my form and feeling fairly on top of things, the Ofsted lady phoned today to arrange an appointment and now I have gone into a blind panic and my brain has shut down lol. I know I shouldn't worry really but these sort of things scare the pants off me so if anyone has any advice/tips on what I should have ready, what to expect from the visit, what sort of awkward questions I might be asked It wold be very much appreciated.

Meanwhile i'm going to name change to DontlookatmeImanervouswreck


OP posts:
soak · 02/05/2007 15:17

I dont have any advice I'm afraid but will keep my eye on this thread as I have my pre-reg meeting next month (though I am hoping someone will drop out of the meeting this month and I can take their place )

I was wondering if you are able to borrow stuff from the toy library to show the sort of things you will have when minding???

AskABusyPerson · 02/05/2007 20:58

I was more worried about my first visit from Ofsted than the actual inspection 6 months later!!

For my first visit, it was more about checking I was a suitable person, so she checked birth cert/passport etc etc and laborious task of filling in crb check form and being familiar with the standards (she went through these to ask how I would meet each one). She looked round my house and asked things about locks and gates and suchlike. She told me how many children she would register me for, and confused me greatly about it (she was not terribly good at explaining things, as, and I mean NO OFFENCE to anyone by this, but english was not her first language so the only answers to my questions were the standard Ofsted answers with no further explanation!). She checked my certs eg first aid and, I think, that was about it.

It was really more the actual first inspection approx 6 months after you start where it was about the resources you have, policies in place, permissions from parents, fire drills you do and practice, where you visit and that you haven't been going over your numbers (my inspector was confused by my attendance book as I'm an ad-hoc flexible childminder and sometimes have had 4 children in a day, 2 in morning and different 2 in afternoon!

HTH. Good luck and don't worry too much!!!

deembee · 03/05/2007 12:48

don't worry too much about this i had mine in March and she was really nice. Just really wanted to know how i would meet the standards and where i would put my fire blanket etc. I had already wrote some policies and she went through these and advised me what i had to add or change. She wanted to know if i was aware of what was needed more than if i already had it in place. my registration came through two weeks ago. VERY pleased it happened so quickly after reading about other peoples experiences on here. If you know who is coming go on Ofsted and check any reports they have published and then you will be able to see what they look for. PinkChick advised this and it was very helpful.
Good Luck.

DontlookatmeImanervouswreck · 03/05/2007 12:54

Thanks for your reply AABP. I'm feeling alittle less stressed now.

Do they look at the whole house or just where the children will be. Do they expect it to be as it will be when you start or is it ok to, say, have a room full of junk as long as you explain you are in the process of sorting it and how it will be made safe ready for the kids to use.

DontlookatmeImanervouswreck · 03/05/2007 12:55

oops x-post
Thanks too deembee

PinkChick · 03/05/2007 13:38

hiya, theyll just check the rooms you will be using inc bathroom and spare room if offering overniight care..however, when not in use our spare room is actually a computer room and she had to have good 'vision' to imagine how i described it would be when children stayed(we move most stuff out to put bed in) you have a childcare co ordinator in area(ring surestart) they will come round and advize what you may need or need to example menu is a plus point, make sure all your reg certifiacates are up and visable, socket covers in use, corner covers, door jammers and try to put out/play with diversity toys, show different cultures religions etc, books toys, dolls etc..good luck!

DontlookatmeImanervouswreck · 05/05/2007 21:22

Thanks PinkChick
Sorry forlate reply.I have been busy frantically tidying up and preparing for the visit.

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