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CM Club - OFSTED Variation AGREED :-) Let me know if you want copy of this spreadsheet..............

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looneytune · 02/05/2007 07:39


Yesterday I was very chuffed that Ofsted agreed to me having 4 under 5's again I've asked for a few variations since I started and this time they asked me to complete a spreadsheet for them which they've never asked before.

Soooooooooo, from now on I will use their spreadsheet when I make my request(s) as I'm sure it will speed things along. It's nothing major, just giving mindees names, ages and times they will be here. It's more for people requesting variation for certain hours i.e. this request was for 4 under 5 from 2.45-5.30.

If anyone wants me to email a copy of their spreadsheet to keep on file in case could be useful in the future, let me know. My email address is info at helenslittleangels dot co dot uk

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looneytune · 02/05/2007 10:49

Just a i actually have to have the new cert before I can start with the 4th under 5? Or is it enough that I have it confirmed in an email? Parents want me to start next week and Ofsted knew this when they agreed.

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looneytune · 02/05/2007 15:18


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PinkChick · 02/05/2007 16:31

did they agree to you over phone that you were able to do this?, then i wouldnt wait if paretns need to bring them love a copy of spread sheet too chick do you still have my email address???, im gunna ask for variation soon as just had inspection and one of minddes mum may need me an extra day or on same day i have others?!!


hennipenni · 02/05/2007 16:58

YES YES YES, you need to wait untill you get your certificate. I was told by somebody from ofsted that I didn't need to wait- it was only when IU spoke to the inspector that I was told that I couldn't take on the extra child until my cert came through. Nearly got myself into a lot of trouble over that.


Saz73 · 02/05/2007 17:07

Hi ya

Can you email me it too, spoke to parents today and they would like to me ask for a variation.

Fingers Cross!!!


looneytune · 02/05/2007 17:45

No probs, will send - PinkChick, can you email me as forgotten your address. Saz - will send later - good luck! I'll try and grab other ones mum at nursery tomorrow and chase her on what she wants!

Henni - thanks! They do annoy me & I don't see how you can get in trouble for THEIR error in what they told you!!

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moonstar04 · 02/05/2007 19:04

I have just emailed you for the same.

Have never applied for a varitaion before, is it normally by letter or email. I will have a overlap of three hours one day a week till Sept with siblings so need to get one fast.

Any advise would be great


Shoshable · 02/05/2007 19:15

Can i have a copy please, it always takes me ages to do a variation


looneytune · 02/05/2007 19:19

Moonstar & Saz - emailed!

Shosh - can I please have your email address or better still, email me and I'll reply

All others have been replied to so if you haven't heard back from me, email me again as I may have missed you.

OP posts:

mogs0 · 02/05/2007 19:25

Did you put in your request via email? I'll send you an email for spreadsheet too!


PinkChick · 02/05/2007 19:28

each time i go to email helenslittleagels it says this email address is not found???


moonstar04 · 02/05/2007 19:29

Many thanks to all of you, Looneytunes you forgot to attach the spreadsheet

thanks for the advise


looneytune · 02/05/2007 19:41

Mogs - I always do by email coz I like to track it but you have to give a signature so would have to scan it.

Moonstar - resent

Shosha - sent

Pinkchick - you doing the whole address? If unsure of my code (trying to stop bloomin spam mail ), go on my website and that will give it -

OP posts:

PinkChick · 02/05/2007 19:45

No, ofcourse i wasnt i was trying to email your website address what else would you expect me to do Duuuuuuuuuurrrr, please excuse my dimmness!


looneytune · 02/05/2007 21:14

Just sent

OP posts:

PinkChick · 02/05/2007 21:19

thanks chick..its great!

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