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do CMs charge per child, or per family? also do most CMs provide food & nappies or is it normal to 'bring your own'?

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notsolilKel · 30/04/2007 20:38

Hiya, sorry long title but says it all. Just starting out with a CM who is also a friend and wondering what is normal in the industry.

I'm due to have baby 2 soon and wondering if she'd charge for them as well, or if my payment covers both kids (I suspect not but can always hope! )

Also wondering if most people bring their kids' food & nappies, or?

If it helps, I'm only using my CM for 2 mornings a week. Includes lunchtime and typically 1 nappy change.

Thanks for the insight!

OP posts:

Debbiethemum · 30/04/2007 20:42

I have always paid for 2nd child (sometimes siblings are charged a lower rate, but that depends on the cm)
I have provided nappies & picked childminders that provide food, don't mind paying for food, just don't want the hassle of doing more packed lunches than I have to


saltire · 30/04/2007 20:43

Every CM is different.
In answer to your first query, most CM's would charge for both children, usually a reduced rate. So if you were paying £3.50 per hour for the first, then you may only pay £2.50 for the second, £6.00 in total per hour.
Napies, wipes etc I ask parents to provide and I think most CM's do that, otherwise we would have to buy them and put costs up. Leave a big bag of nappies at her house, that's what my mindees do.
Food wise, every CM is different here as well. Some provide all meals and snacks which is shown in their rate, I charge £1.00 per day per child for meals, but most of my parents send them with lunchbox. I provide all snacks though and drinks
Hope it helps


cat64 · 30/04/2007 20:43

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

notsolilKel · 30/04/2007 20:55

cool thanks for the advice!

OP posts:

PinkChick · 01/05/2007 08:30

as a cm, i would charge for siblings, i know a cm friend who cahrges more for babies tho, so dont be surprised if this happens! ALTHOUGH BEING YOUR FRIEND SHE PROB WONT AND WOULD/MAY OFFER DISCOUNT>
Opps sorry caps on!

i provide lunch and snacks for children who are here full days, if they are only here part of day i (sometimes) cahrge for lunch dependant upon childs appetite and if they are early start or late pick up, i offer breakfast and dinner at child specific rates too.
nappies, wipes, bag, cream, inc suncreams are bruoght along with a spare set of clothes each time they visit(full timers bring it first day till last, part timers bring them each day them come), so i dont have mountains of nappies clothes etc here as i dont have that kind of space


bmz · 01/05/2007 14:37

I charge £5.00 per hour per child - looking after two girls at the moment. This would include their dinner - mine are school aged kids.


PinkChick · 01/05/2007 14:51

wow BMz, where are you?, i wish i could get £5 per hour!


notsolilKel · 01/05/2007 15:23

ha ha, wish I only had to pay £5 an hour! It's £6.50 here in SW London!!

BTW looks like my CM will provide food but asks that I bring my own nappy stuff. No idea yet re the second baby - too afraid to ask at the mo!

Thx again for the input ladies ((HUGS))

OP posts:

kittypants · 01/05/2007 15:26

when i had 2 at the cms it was pay for each but 2nd child was bit cheaper.then and now with ds 3 i supply nappies(we use cloth anyway) and food.they supply snacks.


kittypants · 01/05/2007 15:26

we pay £10 for 4 hours !!


FioFio · 01/05/2007 15:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

notsolilKel · 01/05/2007 15:33

10£ for four hours??????? OMG. You can't do anything where I live for four hours except maybe park your car (only just!)

OP posts:

kittypants · 01/05/2007 15:37

theyre a married couple too ,both registared so have double the children.theyre lovely and theyve been doing it so long,theyre house isnt like a house its like a preschool.were trying to work out how ds can still go at 15!!i love them and ds loves them.i dont work,im a sahm but use the 4 hours to do housework etc,cheaper than a cleaner!

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