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is it mad to employ a nanny for 3 months only?

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AntandBee · 29/04/2007 12:49

I'm fairly new to mumsnet and so far have found answers to all my questions in existing threads, but this time I need some more advice, please!
My LO's lovely nursery has suddenly announced it's shutting down. I only need childcare for another 3 months and I like the idea of employing the woman who looks after her in nursery to cover this time.
Apart from the cost, is sorting out the tax, contract etc too much of a hassle for this length of time?
Any other tips?

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Millarkie · 29/04/2007 13:04

I'm employing a nanny for just 8 weeks this summer (am nanny-free now but have employed them in the past) but I have factored in the cost of a payroll company to sort out tax and payslips - I use nannypaye which costs £170 for a year, but you get £150 back from the inland revenue so it feels like it only costs £20.
The contract is not a lot of hassle - I use the model contract from the nannyjob site and adapt it slightly.
The main hassle is making sure that you and nanny have discussed everything before she starts working for you, and continue to discuss when she's working for you.
I made a little folder about my kids (fav foods, fav games, emergency contact numbers, notes on free/cheap local kids groups, their routines, and also little things like how to use the washing machine, where the fire extinguisher/fire blanket and first aid kits are.) That took an evening or two, but was worth it as I was unable to take much time off when nanny started the job.


AntandBee · 29/04/2007 13:24

Thanks, that's really helpful! Good to hear it's possible, too. So can the payroll company sort things out quite quickly?

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Millarkie · 29/04/2007 13:46

Yes, give them a ring and talk to them - they are very helpful, even before you've signed up with them.


AntandBee · 29/04/2007 14:03


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