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nannies car

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pickledpear · 26/04/2007 21:44

wow katie "jordan" price just said on itv2 that her nanie can drive round in N reg car but she not as she worked for 12 years and still works hard so she should have top of range range rover and convertable rolls royce so her nanny dont work hard then????

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pickledpear · 26/04/2007 22:28


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nannyj · 26/04/2007 22:40

Just watched it on ITV2+ and didn't think the comment was that bad tbh. Everyone earns a different amount of money and as a nanny i would think an N reg Discovery is a pretty good car. I've worked for rich people and driven around in really old cars while they have top of the range. She does speak before she thinks though


pickledpear · 26/04/2007 22:46

i just felt really bad for the nanny she was being put down i thought but yes and then did you see she had no seat belt on and peter had precious junior on his LAP

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nannyj · 27/04/2007 07:06

I know i was too about the seatbelt.

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