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Happy :) Now have a permanent nanny position-whoopee-person from Northampton

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daisy26 · 26/04/2007 20:59

I was working with a family for a week and loved it-wasn't sure wot was happening wether i was staying there. I have now done more days and im now officially a fulltime nanny with this family hehe

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hertsnessex · 26/04/2007 21:01

congrats to you!


daisy26 · 26/04/2007 21:03

Thanks I love it, never done this before, so much happier, as i got noone in the day telling me wot to do. Yeh sometimes mum works from home, but I don't mind that, I just get on with it

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daisy26 · 03/05/2007 20:13

I now have this job permanent, wicked thing about it is, ill be goin on some hols with them, getting lots of hols and still getting paid hehe

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