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CM Club - can anyone please answer this for me?

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saltire · 26/04/2007 09:41

As some of you will know I am moving from Scotland to England sometime between end of May and end July. I have been CM'ing for 4 and a half years here in Scotland and was doing it for 2 years in England before that. I need to start from scratch with my registration, and after intiailly getting bad advice ( NCMA told me all I had to do was call up OFSTED and ask to transfer my registration), I now know what to do. I need to contact Childcare link for the Fareham area (that's where they have finally decided to offer us a house). I have looked online at the Childcarelink website but can't see where I'm supposed to phone.
OFSTED told me i need to tell C'Link that I am a new registration.

I would also like to know, if my own GP from here who has known me for 4 years will be the one who does my medical check or will it be the new docotr I am registered with?

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Rubybees · 26/04/2007 10:10

Hello there, it's a pain in the ar'e isn't it!!

I moved from Scotland to England two years ago, and had to re-register to Ofstead (which took 6 months).

I got my old doctor to do my medical check, I phoned and asked sent it recorded delivery and paid £16 for it (which I was very pleased with as heard of some shocking prices people pay)

Hum phone the Hampshire CIS line and they'll guide you in the right way.

Fareham is lovely so close to the beach am so jealous All be it my fammily live fareham/gosport so would love to go down that way lol


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