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Re: Nanny bringing baby to work? New contract of employment?

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ziopin · 26/04/2007 09:10

My nanny is due to go off on maternity leave in the summer. She is hoping to come back and bring the baby with her in the Autumn.

I suppose I need to issue her with a new contract of employment at this time.

Can anyone suggest some specific points that I should bear in mind!


OP posts:

Eleusis · 26/04/2007 10:51

Do you want her to bring the baby back? Some people mind. Some don't. You are legally obligated to offer her back the job, but you are in no way obligated to let her bring the baby.

I would offer her position back under the same terms, but without the baby. Or I would offer that she can bring the baby and treat it like a nanny share.


Ladymuck · 26/04/2007 11:06

You will need to have a discussion as to how you will be expecting things to work. Does this arrnagement suit you? As Eleusis has pointed out she does have a right to return to work, but not a right to bring her baby with her. Typically a nanny bringing her own child will be paid less than one without as the arrangement is closer to a nanny share, and you would need to document this carefully.

Obviously you need to think about the impact on your children - presumably if you're happy, the baby won't interfere with existing routines and activities. What about mealtimes - will she be providing food for her baby (when it is eating of course!) or will you? What will happen if her baby is ill?

Yo may need to think about the insurnace implications of having another child in your home during the day, but I can't remember there being any (I once had a nanny with her own child).

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