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Advice needed please. I am thinking of becoming a registered childminder to solve

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nolembit · 25/04/2007 22:26

my friends childminding problems. She is expecting again and her childminder cannot provide space for both of her children when she goes back to work. She pays for her childminding through tax credits and therefore has to send them to a registered childminder. I have 2 of my own, they will be 2.5 and 4 and my friends children will be 6 months and 4 - is that possible? I've looked on the net and the regs say only 3 under 5 and 1 under 1 but I'm not sure whether the under 1 also counts as an under 3 or is seperate. Please help.

OP posts:
ThePrisoner · 25/04/2007 23:07

The under 1 does count as one of the under 5s - the usual maximum, as you said, is 3 children in total under the age of 5 years.

Her childminder can write to Ofsted and request a variation to her numbers (to be allowed to have 4 under 5s) as it is for "continuity of care" - ie. an existing family is having another baby.

nannynick · 25/04/2007 23:31

An approved nanny can be paid via tax credits, so you could care for the children at their own home, taking your children with you. Ratios would not apply as it is nannying, not childminding.

If you were to register as a childminder, then ratios may be an issue.
Children: 6mths, 2.5, 4, 4
If neither of the 4 year olds is in full time education (10 educational sessions per week) then you would need to register to care for 4 under 5's... which could be tricky to do given that you are not already a childminder. There is a continuity of care issue, better to keep the children together rather than split them apart, but as it is a new registration, not sure Ofsted would permit that variation from the start.

Also, you would be caring for children of a friend. A childminding relationship is a business relationship, not a friendship one, and it can be difficult providing childcare for freinds (some childminders on here are bound to have stories about caring for friends children). The risk you run is that your business relationship breaks down, and in so doing it destroys your friendship. I would advise against registering purely to care for children of your friends.

PinkChick · 26/04/2007 08:30

when does your own turn 5 or go to reception? then you could gt around it!?

nolembit · 26/04/2007 09:23

Thanks for your advice everyone, I don't think I'll mention the idea to my friend as it is impossible, and so there is no need to get her hopes up only to have them dashed.

OP posts:
dmo · 26/04/2007 09:28

i would try you would love it
if any of the 4yr olds start school this september then they are classed as 5yr olds in childminders numbers

PinkChick · 26/04/2007 10:39

yeah thats what i meant but didnt put it very well(stressed today!)

maximummummy · 26/04/2007 21:50

nolembit- why dont you phone ofsted and have a chat with them about it
it can take quite a while to get your registration through (months) as you need to do some training

i disagree with nannynick on this point
i childmind for friends and find we have an excellant working relationship - i find the parents who arn't friends tend to be the ones who take the piss (sorry)

you'll definately have your hands full with 4 under fives

nannynick · 26/04/2007 23:45

I like it when people disagree
World would be a boring place if we all agreed with each other all the time.

Shows that working for friends can work out.

ThePrisoner · 27/04/2007 20:25

I think that minding for friends is OK so long as everyone totally understands all the "rules", and make sure that you keep all the childminding stuff on a professional level.

PinkChick · 27/04/2007 20:33

i cm'd for one of my oldest friends right from beginning, she was absolutely perfect, made me do everything by th book, even tho id have wained, so sad to see her LO go(had to start school, not local)..dd misses her terribly

maximummummy · 28/04/2007 16:00

aahh pinkchick i think the kids form a closer bond with each other than we(c/m)do really . . . .can't really explain to a 2yr old how to keep a proffesional distance

i have to admit it is harder to do things totally by the book with friends but so far i have stood firm and done everything by the contract

singingmum · 28/04/2007 16:04

Sorry to interupt so to speak,but, how do you become a registered childminder and whats involved in this please?

singingmum · 28/04/2007 16:19

Am sorry if it seems a stupid question but am honestly interested as would like to look into something like this to earn some money as need second income.This is one of only a few ways I could earn money as a HE

singingmum · 28/04/2007 16:41

am killing threads again.MN going to throw me out if I continue methinks

ThePrisoner · 28/04/2007 16:49

Contact your local Childrens Information Centre (find yours here ) - they can point you in the right direction for your area.

singingmum · 28/04/2007 16:53

Thank you.

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