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shadowing for interview - paying two nannies?

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goldenoldie · 25/04/2007 20:30

Lovely nanny is expecting her own baby so the hunt for new lovely nanny has begun. Two possible candidates identified.

As part of the interview process, one has suggested spending a day with current nanny and a day with me to get a good feel for the job/kids. I have suggested same to the other candidate (on different days obviously).

Neither have mention payment. As this is part of the interview process am I expected to pay possible candidates? - given that they won't be nannying, but observing/asking questions/understanding kids routines.

I know it is a whole two days of their time, but they won't be working, i.e. taking responsibility for the kids, and I would feel a bit hacked off paying double salaries for someone to watch current nanny and have a good old chin-wag.

Is there a reasonable compromise? Or should I just assume that as it is part of the interview they won't be paid for it?

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Earlybird · 25/04/2007 20:44

Two days getting to know you/the dc sounds an awfully long time. Think I'd start by shortening it to a day, or even a half day. Not sure about payment (others may know better), but think you should offer to pay travel expenses and of course, expect to feed her during the day.


Chocolateface · 25/04/2007 20:52

The nannys won't expect to be paid as it's part of the interview, but I agree with Earlybird, two days is a ong time. Offer the candidates some time with the nanny, without you around, but I wouldn't suggest a whole days. A morning or afternoon with you should be long enough, I would have thought. Definately pay their travel expenses.


Eleusis · 25/04/2007 21:30

I would pay travel expenses, have her spend morning with you, afternoon with current nanny and then go for dinner (you pay) and discuss any last minute questions.

One day for each nanny.


ScottishThistle · 25/04/2007 22:00

I agree with Eleusis!


goldenoldie · 25/04/2007 22:33

Fantastic idea of 1 day followed by dinner.

Many thanks

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