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CMClub: I think this is rude

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Katymac · 25/04/2007 10:23

I was emailed by a minder needing some support

Don't mind this at all as I feel what goes around - comes around

So I eamled back & got this message

"I'm protecting myself from receiving junk email by using Challenge/Response Spam Protection."

And I'm supposed to click on a link to verify myself

Well I think it's rude & I won't - she asked for my support I gave it but I'm not jumping through hopes to verify it so she can read it
[pulls tongue emoticon] SO THERE!!

OP posts:
saltire · 25/04/2007 10:25

Now my DH tells me constantly NEVER click on links in emails. SO there's your reason for not doing it, the link could have downloaded a virus onto your PC

Katymac · 25/04/2007 10:27

I don't need a reason - it is impolite to ask for help then refuse to read it


OP posts:
saltire · 25/04/2007 10:37

You're right it was rude. I meant to put that in my post, but i pressed post message instead of preview and didn't realise

bran · 25/04/2007 10:38

But this isn't specificially aimed at you is it? She must have quite a bad spam problem if she needs to have a protective filter. Although I agree she should have added your email to her 'safe' list before her email to you, perhaps she just forgot.

Katymac · 25/04/2007 10:53

Maybe - but I've never heard of it before & I'm not clicking on it

OP posts:
saltire · 25/04/2007 10:56

Quite right, DH would go spare at me if I clicked on a link (he works in computer security).

RahRahRachel · 25/04/2007 11:15

I don't see how this could be seen as rude??? It's just a spam filter - she didn't write it to you specifically, looks like an automated message.

Don't click on the link if you're worried about it being dodgy or containing a virus, but I don't get why you're offended that she has a strong filter on her email.

bran · 25/04/2007 11:16

I have to admit I wouldn't click on anything like that either, but it could be genuine. Do you see her or speak to her in rl?

Katymac · 25/04/2007 11:34

So she asks me to write to her then refuses my letter - I think that's rude

OP posts:
WigWamBam · 25/04/2007 11:50

She hasn't refused your letter; her PC has refused your letter and sent an automated response. She doesn't even know that you've tried to respond to her email. Perhaps she forgot that she has spam filters - or perhaps her dh has set it up and she doesn't know it's there. And now she will think that you are rude for not emailing her.

I don't think it's rude, she's just trying to protect her PC from viruses and spam email. But I do agree that you shouldn't have to go through hoops to get the email to her, and she should have added your name to her safe list ... maybe she just forgot.

For what it's worth, this is a legitimate spam protection system (even if it is a PITA); it won't dump a virus on you and it doesn't take long to verify yourself. It assumes that every email is spam unless the recipient has cleared the email address, and sends the message so that you know the email hasn't been received.

Don't be offended with her just because her spam protection is OTT. The easiest way to deal with it, if you still don't want to verify yourself, would be to tell her that you couldn't send the email because of her spam filters, you didn't want to click on the link in case it was dodgy, and ask her to add your email address to her safe list.

BradfordMum · 25/04/2007 12:56

She's not refused your email. You've refused to click on a link. She's just being cautious. And sensible.
I agree with what WWB has said.


ayla99 · 25/04/2007 13:21

If she had emailed katymac, shouldn't she have already added katymac to her "safe" list?

Thanks for advising us WWB, I've never heard of this type of spam protection and would do the same as Katymac. All the nasty con artists/spammers try to trick us into clicking links every day, how are we supposed to know this is genuine??

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