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CM club: Retainers (again!) in school hols

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Hollylou · 25/04/2007 00:01

Sorry - I know this may already have been answered in other threads...but I'd like your advice on retainer fees during school hols.
I currently have siblings with me. Their mum is a teacher so pays me half in the school hols but also uses my services during that time for up to two days per week (we agreed that as she paid a retainer she could still bring the girls for a couple of days).
Reading some of the previous threads I'm wondering if I've gone about things the right way - I'm new to this. Should I be allowing her to still use me for a couple of days pw in the hols as part of her retainer or should I be charging a retainer (half fee) for keeping the places open for her plus extra for the hours she then uses me???
Also - still on that same note - I don't charge for my hols but charge full for parents hols. If my teacher mum and I take holidays during the same week(s) during the summer holidays can I still make some sort of charge or do our hols cancel each others out and I don't/can't charge?

OP posts:

hana · 25/04/2007 00:03

I'm not a childminder, but am a teacher and use a childminder
so, I would charge the retainer at 50% of fees, plus I hope you are charging her full fees for those odd days that her children go to you!
And I think holidays would cancel each other out


Hollylou · 25/04/2007 00:19

Thanks Hana. Actually I'm not charging her full fees for the days she uses me...infact I am not charging her anything extra at all. I actually didn't realise I should be doing until I started to read bits and pieces on here.
I am charging her a retainer at half fees during hols and that's it. She brought her children to me two days per week during the Easter hols as part of the retainer. I guess the 'over sight' is all mine and I probably need to address this when I come to review her contract during the summer hols, which I've said I would do.
Do you think I should tell her at this point that I expect her to pay a retainer just for keeping the place open plus any days she chooses to bring the girls is extra on top of this?

OP posts:

hana · 25/04/2007 00:20



nappyaddict · 25/04/2007 04:12

not a childminder but use one. i think most people would charge 50% for the 3 days they aren't there and full price for the 2 days that they are.

most people don't charge for parents holidays if they take them at the same time.


nappyaddict · 25/04/2007 04:21

oh btw my cm charges 50% fees for sick days and my holidays, no fee for hers.

she doesn't work bank holidays but this is her choice so doesn't expect me to pay for them.

used to use another one who did do them and she charged the standard amount. if i decided to not send ds on a bank holiday i still had to pay the full amount.


ayla99 · 25/04/2007 08:50

Retainer - the half fees retainer keeps the place reserved for that child's use. If they do use the place they should pay the other half of the fees for the time booked so that they have then paid full fees for all the time booked and half fees for any remaining part of the reserved/retained place.

Holidays, the easiest way around this is to give parents a list of your holidays each year - its up to the parent to choose to find another carer or take holiday at the same time. Then if the parent takes holiday at a time not on your list you can charge and its up to you what you do with your time in their absence.

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