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My nanny (who is leaving after 4.5 years) told me she doesn't want another nanny job because no other family would be as nice as ours

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PrincessPeaHead · 24/04/2007 22:37

she says anywhere else wouldn't compare, it would be downhill all the way. so she is going to be a teaching assistant.

probably a pile of crap to make us feel better, but still MOST complimentary!

OP posts:

motherinferior · 24/04/2007 22:38

How's the baby?


fridayschild · 25/04/2007 13:58

PPH, well done! Do tell how you managed to be so lovely, I'd like to hang on to my current nanny...


Ladymuck · 25/04/2007 14:00

My nanny said similar but then admitted that my two had put her off toddlers for life!


ScottishThistle · 25/04/2007 14:03

I thought that too after my first more than perfect family but all positions/children have their very own fabulous qualities!


TeeCee · 25/04/2007 14:05

Yeah, it's a pile of crap, she's lying through her teeth, but bless, how sweet!


Porcupine · 25/04/2007 14:05

you farker pph


littlelapin · 25/04/2007 14:34

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

edam · 25/04/2007 14:35

What a lovely thing to say.

Don't suppose that comment is code for 'I'm running away before PPH starts cracking down on clingy baby and all hell breaks out', is it?


PrincessPeaHead · 25/04/2007 17:53

no secret. always been nice to her. paid her well. taken her on some good holidays. had a laugh.
that's it, really!

minipph now behaving beautifully - most odd! will update on other thread

OP posts:

NannyL · 25/04/2007 18:51

i thought that to

had the best job ever.... followed by an even better one... followed by an even better one

my current job isnt better than last one but is definitely as good as, on balance! both have their plus points!

Oh and i had one AWFUL job inbetween! (lasted 2 1/2 WEEKS)


lapsedrunner · 25/04/2007 18:52

Can I be your next nanny...?


PrincessPeaHead · 25/04/2007 19:24

oi NannyL don't puncture my balloon! I've RUINED her for any other nanny job, and don't you forget it

'Fraid I've hired the next nanny already lapsedrunner, she seems lovely too

There are so many nice nannies around, I think the profession just attracts nice people

OP posts:

ScottishThistle · 25/04/2007 22:05

PPH...You say all the right things, you're right there are many lovely Nannies around!

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