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Can anyone walk me through settling dd in with childminder?

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dotcotton · 24/04/2007 21:22

I'm going back to work in a few weeks and have agreed a week settling in with the childminder before i start, we said we would work out the exact hours and days of the settling in period when we got closer to it. I imagined it would be a few hours on the first day leading up to a full day, maybe 2 or 3 full days at the end of the week, but i'm not sure how best to do it.

I have never left her with anyone apart from dh before but she is pretty good with new people and very confident and outgoing, and has been at ease with the childminder when she's met her before.

Do any childminders or parents have a good schedule of how to do the settling in week? She will be her first mindee so it's new to both of us..

OP posts:

Katymac · 24/04/2007 21:24

How long will she be with the minders for & how old is your dd?


PinkChick · 24/04/2007 21:49

she may have meant one or two hours a day for a few days not whole days, you best check what she suggests


dotcotton · 24/04/2007 22:00

sorry got involved in wags boutique . She will be full time, Monday-Friday, and she's just over 1 year old

OP posts:

PinkChick · 24/04/2007 22:02

i normally do 3 1/2 hr - 1hr sessions the week or two before, then the first 4 weeks are sort of trial run. has your dd been left for a while at all yet?


Katymac · 24/04/2007 22:04

I would do something like:
2 hrs
3 hrs
4 hrs
5 hrs
6 hrs

But I do like long settling in


dotcotton · 24/04/2007 22:08

Sounds like a good idea, Katymac, and would you start the day at the time it will start when they are with you properly? I'm thinking of this for my own purposes too so i can practise getting out of the house on time for work (and see how much i cry).

OP posts:

Katymac · 24/04/2007 22:10

Maybe - but first 2 hrs would be whne DD is at her best (after her morning nap or accross lunch???)


suejonez · 24/04/2007 22:12

I spent an hour there with him first, then 2hrs with me local and able to pop back if there was a problem, then a couple of half days (all free) then one day a week for two or three weeks (I paid for those), more like Katymac really. Also the fisrt few days I droped off a little later and picked up a little earlier so almost 3/4 dayd. I wanted slow settling in, much more for my benefit than his in retrospect! My Ds is similar age and has been going two months now and if it helps he seems to have settled very well.

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