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CM CLUB How does this work?

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em28677 · 22/04/2007 20:45

Hi I was wondering if youknow whether their are any rules/guidelines for having people round when you are minding other peoples children. My best friend and ds godmother is a teacher so fully CRB checked and everything else and I was wondering if I would be able to take her out places with me in the holidays to help with ds while I can concentrate on other children? Not sure if this is allowed I know parents wont mind as they all know her

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nannynick · 22/04/2007 21:05

The person should not be left with the minded children. If they are at your home on a regular basis, then I suppose you should get them to complete a CM2. But not sure what would be considered as regular basis!

Outings I think are fine, perhaps create a letter wih a permission slip for parents of mindies, so that the parents are told officially that this person will be helping on some outings, explaining a bit about their background, etc.


em28677 · 22/04/2007 21:10

Thats what I wondered the parents all know her really well as we are in a small village and so they have already said that it was ok when I checked. She is never left alone with the mindees only my little one but wanted to see if anyone knew the rules cos dont want to get told off by OFSTED!!!Thanks for the advice

OP posts:

PinkChick · 23/04/2007 10:21

yeah, i think a parent permission slip would be adequate with this


dmo · 23/04/2007 10:26

the child i used to mind for comes to see me every thurday with his mum and new brother, we go to toddler group together then they come back for lunch and a play and leave at 3pm
i think its fine as long as your care to the minded children is not at question

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