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Anyone ever used a "mother's help"?

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RachelG · 22/04/2007 13:57

Hello, just wondering if anyone has any experience of this?

My Mum and cousin look after DS (age 20 months) 2 days/week. Unfortunately my cousin isn't going to do this anymore (long story), so my Mum will be on her own. She's in her 60s, not in the best of health, and will really struggle on her own. However, she's really keen to keep coming - she loves caring for DS and he really loves her too. I reckon she'll manage a few weeks, then she'll be exhausted.

So I thought about employing a mother's help, to come in both days and help out. It would just be a case of sharing childcare and bits of housework (laundry etc, no major cleaning involved).

Do such people exist? How do I find one? (all websites seem to be based in London). I'll advertise in local paper I guess. Any other ideas?


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Genidef · 23/04/2007 12:21

Are you anywhere near Cheshire? I know there's an agency there that a friend of mine has recruited people from. But maybe you don't want anything so formal - you'd have to pay an agency fee etc. But if you're interested, I can send you the link.

toomuchtodo · 23/04/2007 13:58

we used to have a mothers help

she was great with the kids, but took too many sick days off for me!

have a nanny now

where are you?

RachelG · 23/04/2007 17:19

Thanks for the replies. I'm in Leicestershire. I've found an agency that might be able to help, but now my Mum is adamant that she'll cope, and doesn't want anyone else around. Mind you, that was what she said this morning. Maybe if I ask her again tomorrow evening after 2 long days of baby-care she'll think differently!

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fridayschild · 23/04/2007 21:47

I had a mother's help when DS2 was born, to help with the work of having two under two. It sounds like your mum helps at your house - could you suggest the "help" was for you really? I found it worked best when I was either very clear about what I wanted her to do, or else when I cleared out with one child and she just worked out what needed doing on her own.

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