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Childminding as a second job

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Ripeberry · 20/04/2007 17:03

Hi, Just tell me if i'm mad to even try it but at the moment i'm working evenings from 7.30pm until 11pm as a home carer, basically putting clients to bed and tidying their house and giving them a hot meal.
This is for 3-4 evenings a week.
During the day my DD1 goes to school and DD2 goes to nursery 2 mornings a week.
I've put my name down for a pre-registration briefing to become a childminder as i would like to be doing something else during the day that would not be affected by my kids being at home during holidays or if they are ill.
Does anyone do this??

OP posts:
S88AHG · 20/04/2007 17:10

I childmind during the week then work 630 till midnight friday saturday and sunday, am quite tired on a monday but you get used to it, my advice would be try to just get after schoolers as you get the days to yourself, if you are tired or need to get stuff done hth

maggi · 20/04/2007 17:42

If your kids are ill, you wouldn't be able to childmind as you cant have any illness in the house whilst you are working.
I don't think you are mad. But... all the extra cleaning, paperwork, cleaning, planning activities, cleaning, additional training and yet more paperwork, takes up all the time that you are not actually dealing with the children in your house. It is a lot of hours and takes 6months between deciding to become a childminder and actually getting children on your register (on average). You can expect to make a loss initially and you may never need to pay tax because your profit may not go over the £5000 threshold.

eggybread · 20/04/2007 18:22

No - you will have to pay tax on every penny of profit you earn in a second job if your first job takes up all your free pay.

I childmind alongside another job and love it - but am very strict about having my two days off per week, and flexible in that I offer a childminding service weekends and overnights too.

I don't do school runs.

Lots of parents, especially self-employed ones, will take whatever sessions you can offer them. You don't have to be open 5 days per week.

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