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Nanny coming tomorrow for interview - any tips?

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Mumpbump · 20/04/2007 15:39

We are looking at employing a nanny with her own child to look after ds on Mondays.

I have got her to answer a questionnaire which I plaigiarised from Eleusis' (I think) questions; we have also discussed hours, rate of pay, what she would need for her dd and sleeping arrangements; we haven't yet discussed holiday or bank holidays (which will be important since half of them are always on a Monday). I can't think of anything else, but don't want to have nothing to say tomorrow when she pitches up. Anything I've missed out or could usefully ask about?

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jura · 20/04/2007 15:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mumpbump · 20/04/2007 16:04

Thanks! Had thought of the conflict point and forgotten it again. VERY good point about cover...

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Eleusis · 22/04/2007 18:58

Sorry I missed this. How did it go?


Mumpbump · 23/04/2007 10:40

Very well! Only forgot to ask whether she has a contract we can use or whether I need to get one. Found one on the internet, but it's not very "user-friendly" to my mind. Anyway, she's going to come for a trial on 4 June. Seems really nice!

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NannyL · 23/04/2007 10:56

there is a good basic contract on nannyjob if you need one to just fill in the gaps!


Mumpbump · 23/04/2007 11:15

Thanks for that! Can't access it from work, but will try to do so from home.

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