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CM CLUB What do you do when everyone turns up to collect at once?

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em28677 · 20/04/2007 12:29

Hi I have a 7month old and a ten year old on a tuesday and thursday that are both collected at 5.15ish. Usually their dont pick ups dont clash but last night they did and was really unsure what to do. I have 7month old all day so was going through his day with his dad while trying to talk to 10 year olds mum about sons easter break!!! Dont want people to feel am putting one before the other but what do I do Please Help

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LoveMyGirls · 20/04/2007 12:31

Im sure they understand they have to wait, i would deal with 10 year old first as much quicker than going through everything the baby needs. Just as if you were in a shop and you had bread and the lady in fornt had a trolley, you'd hope she'd let you nip in first wouldn't you?

em28677 · 20/04/2007 12:36

I know thats what I thought but the mum always seems a bit offish and I think she would feel I was pushing her out the door as baby is full time and 10 yr old only 2 days

OP posts:
princesscc · 20/04/2007 12:53

I would deal with the one they actually got to the front door first! Think that all you can do. Alternatively, you could suggest that one of them comes just a few minutes later, like 5.30 and explain its because you need to give each child & parent the attention they deserve. OR! like me, have a contact book to note important things in that have happened that day etc. That way, you don't need to rush either of them.

PinkChick · 20/04/2007 20:41

i had 3 all drop off at same time thid morn, one that came first chatted with for few mins, then she and two others got leverd out of door by me saying xxx give mummy a kiss goodbye 'ard am i!!!

ThePrisoner · 20/04/2007 21:08

If I have a busy afternoon, with a houseful of under 5s, over 5s and a couple of over 8s, I can have a steady stream of parents collecting and they all overlap. I have suggested that no-one else is allowed through the front door unless someone else has left first, but they all ignore me!

If the parents are in a hurry, they will help themselves to the lunch boxes/bags in the kitchen, and will make a quick getaway. The older children dump their stuff in the hall, so that is also easy to "collect-and-go."

Most of the children I mind have been coming for years, so the parents have all got to know each other quite well. If there are lots of parents here, it's usually quite a sociable (and raucous) occasion. New parents have always been welcomed into the group by other parents (usually along the lines of "oh, you couldn't find a decent childminder either then!")

However, if I do have anything important to say to a parent, I will make sure that I say that I need a quick word before they leave.

None of that is particularly helpful to you (sorry!), but I would also talk to whoever was actually there first, unless it's obvious that one of them is trying to leave quickly. If you don't already do one, could you do a daily diary for the baby? I do one for my under 5s, so anything important/interesting/funny will have been recorded in there anyway, so you don't have to talk through the baby's whole day.

happybiggirl · 20/04/2007 21:09

Message withdrawn

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