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Has anyone got/had a Chrysler Voyger/Grand Voyager?

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S88AHG · 20/04/2007 10:10

Thought this would be a good place for this as its a people carrier and most cms drive them. Currently I have a Vauxhall Zafira which I love but am thinking of swapping for a bigger one as my husband is getting a company car, so wont need to tax and insure 2 cars as we do now. We also have a Vreg Fiat Ulysse which I also love and that has 8 seats, really useful with kids new kitchens new beds etc, as its so big, and love the sliding doors. Went to look at Chrysler and loved it but they are expensive, so wanted opinions before making decision. Will get a diesel one not petrol if we do get one. TIA

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S88AHG · 20/04/2007 14:14


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BradfordMum · 20/04/2007 14:54

Hello - I have had a few 7/8 seaters, so these are my views!

Kia Sedona - very thirsty and quite sluggish.
Toyota Previa (old style) - loved it, but it's age was against it!
Fiat multipla - economical, but got no respect on the road!
Renault Espace - nice to drive, but no sliding doors.
Present car - Peaugeot 807 - Absolutely adore it, plus the electric sliding doors are brilliant. It also scores highest in NCap safety awards.

Aparently, the voyager doesn't seem to score very well, and I've had 2 childminding friends who have bought and re-sold them in a matter of months.

Hope this helps!

Sally x


RTKangaMummy · 20/04/2007 14:59

I drove a brand new one last week in Canada {only had 7 kms on clock}

It was very very thirsty

the footbrake was dodgy the release lever was too low down to be comfortable

The footbrake was not very secure

the slideing doors were hard to open and shut

IMHO and IME I wouldn't buy one


S88AHG · 20/04/2007 15:36

Thanks am also considering the fiat ulysse/peugeot 807/citroen c8 too so this is all good thanks

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boo70 · 20/04/2007 19:28

Hi i have a Chrysler Grand Voyger, which i have had for a year now. I love it!! I fit 6 children children in and a double buggy and still have lots of room. It does use a bit more petrol than my espace, but it is pure luxury to drive. Good Luck!!!!


RTKangaMummy · 20/04/2007 19:31

Does yours have a footbrake with release handle

I felt it was soooo low down and awkward to reach

sometimes I released it before closing door as it was so low


boo70 · 20/04/2007 19:34

No mine does not have a footbrake with release handle, and is really nice to drive. All of the back 5 seats come out really easy if need be, i picked up a wardrobe in mine last week!!!


S88AHG · 20/04/2007 20:59

more good stuff thanks this is all good

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Katymac · 20/04/2007 21:12

I had it as a hire car for a week or so

I hated it

It was luxurious, had fab heated seats but I felt the seat was odd (not sure how tho') - there wasn't a beepbeep going backwards and the radio looked like it came out of the 80's (my Uylesses radio is fab)


WriggleJiggle · 22/04/2007 23:01

Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish.
Absolutely huge is the only good thing going for it. Otherwise, it guzzles fuel, has the turning circle of a bus and drives like a tank.
Don't do it!


S88AHG · 23/04/2007 10:35

Thanks for all the help decided we can get something quite a bit newer for the same money and I will need 8 seats in a couple of weeks so thsts it out, thanks very much

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