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LUNAVIX - you there????

6 replies

looneytune · 19/04/2007 14:52

Hello, just wanted to ask where you moved to? You can email if prefer. I have a friend who wants some advice and I think you may live near where she's moving to?

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looneytune · 20/04/2007 17:04


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soak · 20/04/2007 17:22

nothing to do with me - just reading through so thought I would bump!


looneytune · 20/04/2007 17:24

cheers. i've emailed her but saw she was on here earlier so thought i'd try and grab her

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looneytune · 27/04/2007 19:23

Luna - did you get my email?

p.s. i've emailed again about someone asking where you live on vacancies thread

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lunavix · 27/04/2007 19:27

just seen!

I saw your email and had a nose I'd accidently sent your other to the trash pile lol

Yes I'm in that area still, I'd be more than happy to advise her! Tell her to be warned though, we have a lot of CMs locally


looneytune · 27/04/2007 19:41

Thanks, I've just emailed you

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