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CM CLUB....A Question for you can you help????

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em28677 · 18/04/2007 08:18

Hi I have Ofsted coming at some point in next 2 weeks and want to be polite and offer the inspector a cup of tea or coffee, problem is I dont allow hot drinks in living room when i have children in house to avoid accidents. How do I get around this without sounding like I am only saying it because she /he is there??? Please help

OP posts:

KaySamuels · 18/04/2007 08:37

Your Ofsted inspector should expect you to point out a safe place for a hot drink anyway I would assume!
How about "would you like a drink? I have hot or cold drinks [list of drinks], feel free to have a hot drink but I'll have to ask you leave your hot drink in the kitchen as I do for safety reasons."
I have seen it in whominds that ofsted inspectors have visitors and put hot drinks on living room floor so I would definately point it out!


KaySamuels · 18/04/2007 08:37

sorry that should say 'have had visits'


LoveMyGirls · 18/04/2007 08:46

When I had ofsted round we sat at the dining table so she could use her laptop so had drinks in there (its like a kitchen diner) I only had 1 child then who was 3 he came and sat at the table too and we did play dough and etch a sketch and colouring. That seemed to be fine. Don't feel awkward for asking - far better to ask than get marked down.


em28677 · 18/04/2007 08:52

That sounds greast but how long does an inspection last? I have a 18 month old and a 7month old so sitting at table not an option also really dreading her using laptop my dh showed our ds that you can watch thomas tank on his so now whenever someone tries to use a laptop ds spends whole time trying to push the buttons!!!!!

OP posts:

LoveMyGirls · 18/04/2007 09:37

does anyone you know have a play laptop you can give ds for the day so he leaves hers alone?

I'd go to the toy library and get some new toys you only get out on that day so the kids are so interested in new toys they don't notice the laptop.

Do they both have a daytime nap? if so you might drop lucky and both of them spend some time napping then yu could have a drink then but obviously all depends, i wouldnt stress about it it's not as scarey as you might think.

The day i had mine i forgot to show photos of the activities we'd been doing thats my only regret.


LoveMyGirls · 18/04/2007 09:39

oh mine was about 3 hours. She came just before 12 and left at 3 so i could do school run. luckily for me my dd sleeps 12 til 2 so i only had to concentrate on talking to inspector and minding 1 child who was an angel that day luckily - not sure if the lavendar oil i put in the play dough had anything to do with it


mumlove · 18/04/2007 12:33

Well my Ofsted inspector has just left after being here 3 hours.
I made her take her shoes off in the hallway and when asked about wanting a drink she said coffee I left in on the kitchen side once I made it, as that is where we were at the time. But if she brought it into the lounge I would have told her to place it up on the shelf.


looneytune · 18/04/2007 12:35

Yes, just tell them your rules, they'll respect that.

Mumlove - how did you get on?


mumlove · 18/04/2007 12:48

looneytune - I have to do more on the birth 2 3.
Put an extra bolt on the back gate.
Move DH ladder. (it's on the landing)
But she has upped my numbers to 5 under 8 ready for when the 2 mindees go to school full time JAN 09.
Got satisfactory.


mumlove · 18/04/2007 12:58

Ok now to find the paracetamol, my head is pounding!


PinkChick · 18/04/2007 22:01

i asked my inspector ast friday id she wanted a drink, but she said no, she had brought her own bottle of water..but had she asked for a hot drink i would have hoped id have left it in kitchen but would have prob put it on fire surround in playroom on coaster..out of reach

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