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wanted - a childminder in glasgow

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weeonion · 13/04/2007 21:50

dear folks - i am hoping someone can advise where i might best find a childminder to take on a 8 mth baby in the east end of glasgow. i seem to find brick walls in finding out how to search for one ??


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AitchTwoOh · 13/04/2007 21:56

i want one too in the west end, please. come on glasgow childminders... make yourselves known!


nannynick · 13/04/2007 22:55

Sorry, not a childminder... but perhaps this could help a little:

Google Local results for Glasgow Childminder

Glasgow Childminder search at - for a better listing, visit the website and search using your full postcode.

Hope that helps.


weeonion · 14/04/2007 09:51

thanks nannynick - i will check them out but sadly i dont think there is a childminder in my area. bah!
aitch - thre seems to be a few for you in the westend tho'! i know of another couple of other mums over that direction who are looking at the same time.

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