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CM Club: Anyone have decking?

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KaySamuels · 11/04/2007 13:25

I'm having some decking put in my back garden (which I have notified ofsted is out of use currently), and we are having two 6inch steps up to the decking from the paving. My question is will I need a hand rail along the side of the steps?? The steps are not steep but would rather put one on now rather than find out when ofsted come (and possibly get marked down).

Anyone else had any experience of ofsted and decking?

OP posts:

crace · 11/04/2007 14:02

I have decking - it's straight off the house from the french doors. I do have two 6" steps going from the decking to the grassy area though, and don't have a railing - the kids manage fine and Ofsted have never said anything to us..


KaySamuels · 11/04/2007 16:14

That's what I thought, they're not exactly steep but want to make sure!

OP posts:

KaySamuels · 11/04/2007 16:15

have always wanted french doors!

OP posts:

crace · 11/04/2007 16:25

Sorry - came with the house when we bought it, I swear!


blodwen · 11/04/2007 17:18

I have a large decked area down the garden (not adjoining house) that is 16 inches high with no step. When it was built last spring I was going to add railings/fence around it and steps, but have not yet done so as big ones like jumping off it, and I like sitting on the edge of it. No-one has fallen off it (yet!), the toddlers always turn around and get down backwards and even crawlers stop before they get to the edge (obviously not unsupervised!). Ofsted haven't seen it yet (inspection due this term), and I'm not sure if they will mark me down for it not being fenced, or accept my explanation about children learning about risk assessment. Any views? (Parents all ok with it btw).


blodwen · 11/04/2007 17:19

Meant to add, I would have thought 6 inch steps would be fine .


star1976 · 11/04/2007 19:17

I have decked area in three steps (at least 6 inches), then onto grass as my garden is one big slope!

Ofsted inspectors (pre registration and recent inspection) never mentioned the steps, but did comment that the decking made a lovely safe play area with minimum risk for falls as no concrete!!!


KaySamuels · 11/04/2007 19:23

That's a good point blodwen about the kids considering risk assessment never thought of that!

I think I am just going to leave it without a rail, thanks all for your input.

OP posts:

PinkChick · 11/04/2007 19:34

we have at least a 6 inch step up to back door and french doors leading into playroom from outside, for pre reg, i said we would be putting a step there bt she didnt seem interested(havent done it!) as all midees even the 15 month old one have their own ways of getting out of them (with me there of course), like bum shuffle off, hold onto my leg or flat on tummy and reverse crawl


dmo · 11/04/2007 19:51

i have had the whole garden decked (didnt even think to let ofsted know )
we had a step out into the garden from our french doors but now the step has gone so now babies can crawl out from the playroom to the garden.
we have no steps as our joiner made the whole garden level
but if i did have the steps would prob have the hand rail as:
a) would look good
b) would be safe
c) would be able to stedy myself as i made my way indoors after a bottle of wine

dont think u would get marked down if you dont have the rails
ofsted came to c me in jan and loved my decking said it looks safe and clean

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