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CM Club - Advice about formula feeds with baby (not sure what to do about this)......

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looneytune · 06/04/2007 10:31


My 16 week old mindee has been with me since 7 weeks old and mum has always provided me with those ready made cartons of milk. Ever since this started, she's provided me with one big carton and a couple of the 7oz sized cartons so that I can use them when out and about.

Early on, I noticed one small hungry baby carton so I said to mum 'oh, they're on hungry baby milk now then' and she replied 'no, i just couldn't find any of the normal sort in that size so just grabbed what I could'.

Well, my knowledge of formula feeding isn't great as I BF ds but I've been advised that you shouldn't give hungry baby milk unless they really are a hungry baby, especially not to mix the types of feeds.

Anyway, ever since this started, I have left the hungry baby cartons and managed to get by with the other sort supplied BUT, I now have several small cartons of the hungry baby milk sitting in my cupboard. Now I've run out of the smaller sized correct formula, I'm worried about when I'm out and about as I need to have the smaller size. I did think about just buying the correct sort myself but then I could end up doing this all the time and I don't see why I should pay for it.

Sooooo........what would you do? Do I give them back to mum and say that it's not good for baby? I hate all this stuff. I don't want to annoy or upset the mum but we're supposed to look out for the children's interests too aren't we.

Please give me some advice!

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NannyL · 06/04/2007 11:27

i wouldnt worry too much.

baby is now 16 weeks old.... hungry baby is suitable from birth anyway. just feed it to the baby if thats what you've got!

its not going to hurt the baby

looneytune · 06/04/2007 11:29

Oh right, I was told it is not good for babies and can make them ill? Maybe my info isn't correct then.

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kkey21 · 06/04/2007 17:23

Hi, i am sure if you 'mix' the brands of baby milk, eg one feed cow and gate, one feed SMA etc.... that is what can cause them to be ill.
My son went onto formula at 6mths from BF and i stayed with the same Brand until he switched to cows milk at just over a year. So although not an ideal situation with the bab not having the 'usual' it shouldn't harm but as its a different strength it could have an effect on nappies and the contents???
Hope this helps... x

dmo · 06/04/2007 18:58

think its ok to mix the same brand milk. the hungry babies one is just richer if you feel worried just top it up with 2oz boiled water to weaken it. but really dont worry

Mojomummy · 06/04/2007 19:12

Is the baby a hungry baby ? If not, there is no reason to give it.

Here's the science... The protein in hungry baby milks is casein-based, as opposed to the more usual whey-based protein in first formulas. Casein protein molecules are larger than whey molecules and form curds in the baby?s stomach, which leads to them being satisfied with less milk or gives them a feeling of fullness for longer. Please be aware that this extended digestion time can lead to some digestive discomfort or even constipation.

I think she's just being lazy - give it back to her & ask her to change it !

looneytune · 06/04/2007 19:35

Thanks everyone.

MoJo, this is not a hungry baby, otherwise she would be on hungry baby milk full stop. Thanks for that info, this is the sort of thing I was worried about as I'd heard that it's not good to give babies it without them actually having a need. She gets quite sick as it is and don't want her to get worse. I suffer from IBS and so am paranoid about digestion etc

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Mojomummy · 06/04/2007 19:41


looneytune · 06/04/2007 19:44

Thanks. I know you know you're stuff when it comes to food etc!

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SlightlyMadSpringBunny · 06/04/2007 19:49

It won't actually harm her and as a one-off she will be fine. I changed the brand of formula I used because I wanted to. I think the important thing is that you don't buy formula in the same way as you do chocolate. I.e. it is best to stick to one brand you can't have a snickers one day, mars bar the next and a double decker at teh weekend.

A one off won't hurt.

As it happens I send DD with C&G to nursery for use in emergencies (she doesn't actually have milk anymore but know she will demand it if it isn't in her bag IYSWIM). She has Farleys at home but I couldn't get any cartons of that when I wanted them.

SlightlyMadSpringBunny · 06/04/2007 19:50

When I say I change her brand I changed it once and have then stuck to the new brand since.

SlightlyMadSpringBunny · 06/04/2007 19:53

You could always tell the mother that you only have these hungry baby cartons left and that you would like some more of her normal stuff. Say that you "will keep these for emergencies"

looneytune · 08/04/2007 10:11

Thanks SlightlyMadSpringBunny. I'll mention to mum that that's all that I have left of the little cartons. I know people say it won't hurt as a one off but if she's likely to get some kind of digestive discomfort, I'd rather not use them unless it was a true emergency. This baby was premature so still quite small (she's smaller than the 6 week old baby I have starting next week). She already suffers with colic/wind pain and I don't want to add to her discomfort.

Will have a word with mum

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