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CM question of process of registration...

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soak · 05/04/2007 10:22

only me again with another question!!!

i'm waiting for a date to come through for the pre-reg meeting but I am thinking further ahead for when the inspector chappies come to have a look at my house to see if its ok to have children in it - will I need to have toys and stairgates and the other bits and bobs in place or will I just say what I am going to be having where etc.

I'm only wondering because as I dont have children of my own I dont have any of this equipment and I would hate to spend a wedge load on equipment to be told they wont register me...

thank you and sorry if its a stupid question!

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nannynick · 05/04/2007 11:21

You don't need to have everything, but having some things to show would be helpful. You need to have it all in-hand as it were, so planned out as to what you need and where you are getting it from.

So you could for example do a list per room of things you need, and cut pictures out of Argos, GLTC catalogues.

Unless you have a criminal record, or severe mental illness, the chances are that they will register you. Are there any reasons why you think they might not register you?

Do you have a childcare background? As you say you do not have children yourself, so I am wondering why you want to become a childminder.


nannynick · 05/04/2007 11:27

Just looked up your other threads... your partners caution is still a concern I expect. Alas I don't think you will know for sure if you will be registered until you are a long way down through the process... so if you don't spend out too much money then you will have to just make lots of plans on paper (and when inspector visits, explain situation regarding DP, thus why you are not investing in the equipment immediately, but instead waiting for registration first).


nannynick · 05/04/2007 11:33

See if you can find a local toy library in your area, then you could borrow some toys and other equipment for a short period.

National Association of Toy and Leisure Libraries


soak · 05/04/2007 11:39

it would be sods law that I would go and buy stuff and they would just say no!!!

no mental ilness or criminal background (for me) - my partner had a run in with the police about 7 years ago and got a caution and he takes medication for depression.

I want to be a childminder because I love kids! my partner has a 6yo who stays at weekends, got 6 neices/nephews and an 11 year old sister.

yes - its hard work looking after kids but I love kids - i doubt it would be harder than me doing what I am doing at the mo which is going to a job which I dont like, dealing with customers that I just don't care about and working with people who irritate me!!!!
I would rather be helping a child to learn and have fun than sat at my desk!

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soak · 05/04/2007 11:40

sorry - I have jsut read that back to myself and it sounds as if I'm snapping at you nick!! I didn't mean it to come out like that

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ShoshableEggEater · 05/04/2007 11:40

Soak have emailed you with a wish list I did with another startinh up CM, just to give you a idea.


soak · 05/04/2007 11:42

crossed posts!

thanks for that info!! will have a look on my lunch break

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soak · 05/04/2007 11:42

thanks shosh!

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