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CM Club - NEW Accident/Medication FOLDER - anyone got one of these???

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looneytune · 03/04/2007 17:00

I've just got this new folder as they've stopped doing the books. I think it's great this way, makes sense BUT, I'm unsure about the medicine forms. You now have a whole page to a mindee but no tear off slips - do we not need to give a copy to parent each time anymore?

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crace · 03/04/2007 17:19

Noo... what now?

looneytune · 03/04/2007 17:54

Sorry, meant to add NCMA.

It's not another reg change, don't panic!

Since I started minding, I've used the red NCMA accident/medication book and I finally ran out of forms for the medication. When I went to order, you could only get these new folders with inserts but it's BETTER because when you run out of forms for say 'medication', you can order those inserts without having to order a whole new book/file. So, I like the idea BUT I'm unsure about the medication forms as they don't have the tear off slips

Anyone else got this folder system? Do you know if you can just get them to sign each time then maybe give them a copy of the whole sheet once a sheet is finished with?

OP posts:
PinkChick · 03/04/2007 19:22

i think i have these ones, there is a whole a4 page for each child??..when i have used these, i have given each parent the copy after the end of the dose(ie: a week of calpol and amoxycillin due to ear infection), i think they will be very wasteful if you only have to give one dose of paracetamol and have to give copy to parent, but what i would do is make sure they sign it, even photcopy it for them, then keep in their personal file for next time?

looneytune · 03/04/2007 19:31

No way am I giving them a sheet each time but then that's because I'm used to the old small tear off slips so don't actually think we need to????

If they are to give a sheet each time, I'm going to contact NCMA - what a waste of trees and of course money!!!

OP posts:
looneytune · 03/04/2007 20:28

Bumpity Bump

OP posts:
ayla99 · 04/04/2007 15:49

I've not seen the new ones. I heard some people didn't realise they were supposed to cover up the parts of the forms used by other families (!) so that might be why they've now allotted a whole page to each mindee.

I've still got medication forms 5 years old - these are self duplicating so parent gets a copy of the form when they collect showing the times & dosages given that day. Particularly useful if parent may not remember the time of dose or if the person collecting the child is not the person giving the next dose.

think I'll be typing my own when I run out.

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