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Can we do our brainstorming thing for filling CM places please!

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lunavix · 02/04/2007 21:46

Can't see the old thread along these veins.

I have had tons of calls but all have either changed their mind (about using a CM at all), been something I can't actually accomodate, or my one time gazumped

So come on all ideas, all here please!

Mine so far -

Phoning CIS frequently to be bumped up (okay I know that's a bit cheeky but we all do it in my area and one day you'll check it and be 39th...)
Leaflet drop
Netmums/Mumsnet ads
Ads in local shops

OP posts:

looneytune · 02/04/2007 21:52

I'll bump the thread


dmo · 02/04/2007 22:18

visit toddler groups/parks get out there

sit (like a physco ) in baby weighing clinic

put add in local paper

business cards in schools/pre-schools

stick cards in baby changing rooms in town or on backs of ladies toilet doors (be careful i got in trouble with mothercare)


crace · 03/04/2007 06:43

GP's office...
With Health Visitor


Katymac · 03/04/2007 08:39

Staff room at the local supermarket?
Sports centre?


looneytune · 03/04/2007 09:44

Having looked at the advertising tips thread I bumped, it looks a bit all over the place again so I'll sort that into a fresh thread later (not working as ds poorly).

One I've just thought of is this...........have you got any new houses being built in the local area? If so, have a word with the sales people and see if you can leave cards or something in their sales offices? They like to help the people who are buying homes in a new area and it helps you too. We've got a couple of developments locally and I've got one new baby starting next week who's new to the area and I've had other enquiries too. I didn't have cards with the offices but I reckon this would help. The mindee who left in Feb's mum worked as sales rep for xxx HOmes and said this would be a great idea. Just a thought.


majorstress · 03/04/2007 09:50

do evening babysitting (or join agency i.e. Sitters).

That's how I found my CM.


nannynick · 03/04/2007 11:10

I think you are in Thatcham/Newbury area, where according to the Ofsted website there are certainly quite a lot of childminders... though I expect most would be nearer to Newbury.

Some ideas:

Go through your list of families for whom you have childminder/currently childmind and plot their home locations on a map. If you know work locations as well, plot those too (use a different marker). See if you can spot why they choose you, based on location. This may help with targeting specific locations with marketing literature. Also look up the house price of those families - I find is the best as it does interactive maps again see if there is any pattern, thus then targeting similar locations based on houseprice.

How did the mindees families hear about you? Always ask anyone who enquiries where they heard about you, and keep a record of it so you know what marketing works.

Research your competitors... can you offer something that they don't? Can you think of things that make your childminding service different to theirs? Promote your unique selling points... why should parents use you rather than another minder?

Produce a flyer/postcard (Vistaprint often do offers on postcards) and letterbox drop it in your targeted area.

Put a sign on your car - this can be very effective, though of course the bigger the sign the better... though perhaps mine is a bit overkill (see advertising thread for a picture).


looneytune · 03/04/2007 11:22

Luna - I know you moved how recently (or have you not moved yet? Can't remember)

If you've moved, is it well out of the area so starting again?

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