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CM Club - The first sign of a bit of sunshine

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saltire · 02/04/2007 09:53

Mindee 1 turned up today in shorts and a vest top, and a lightweight fleece.
Mindee2 turned up in shorts, t-shirt, sandals and a sleeveless jacket. I know the sun is out but there was a frost last night FGS and it's not exactly mediteranean weather yet.
I've had to hunt around and find long trousers, they are currently in teh buggy as we are going out and they have a blanket as they are cold!

OP posts:

tobysmumkent · 02/04/2007 10:14

Message withdrawn


saltire · 02/04/2007 10:46

I bought long trousers a couple of years ago when i had mindee 1's brother. he was being potty trained (although he wasn't ready IMO) and the mother never sent a change of clothes.Mindee 1s mum usually sneds him in long sleeve tops, and jeans and a thick coat when it's really hot and then of course she sneds him dressed as she has today when it's cooler

OP posts:

NannyL · 02/04/2007 10:55

i used to look after a baby who was always under dressed...

i mean in october she was normally only in nappy cause they thought she might be hot

while im here in trousers and T shirt an warm jumper and still freezing!

i picked her up from nursary one day when it had snowed and even then she hadnt been sent with a coat

she had all 3 grow bags but rarelt went in any except the 0.5 one (ie the one made of a thin pice of cotton with a zip)... there house wasnt even warm


saltire · 02/04/2007 11:33

This is the parent who went all the way to her work and "forgot" she had mindee in the car and had to drive all the way back to mine!. I think the parents forget we go out and seem to think oh well they will be inside all day so they will be fine in sandals and vest tops!

OP posts:

maggi · 02/04/2007 17:04

When I was a parent who used cms, I too drove to work with my ds (several times a year!). Luckily it was only a 5 min turn around and my cm always had a good laugh about it.

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