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ICP in May - can i start minding june/july?

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julezboo · 01/04/2007 12:50

Hi there Im booked onto the ICP course from the 16th May, one of the mums at the school has been asked if she knows of anyone who will look after her children (one 6 months old, one school age) Its very convenient as she litrally lives at the back of me.

Do you think I would be able to start in June/July?

OP posts:

bonkerz · 01/04/2007 12:55

you can start minding before doing ICP but you have to have completed by 6 months of minding! Same with first aid.


ShoshableEggEater · 01/04/2007 13:00

You have to be registered before you can start to child-mind, as said ICP can be done within 6 months, have you put any of your paperwork into Ofsted yet, it should take 12 weeks from when Ofsted receive them, here it can take anything upto to 6 months!!!


julezboo · 01/04/2007 15:52

They said they want part one and part two in together and that we wouldnt be able to do part two without the icp course, its all ready to go in though. Should I attempt to do part two on my own and get it in asap?

OP posts:

ShoshableEggEater · 01/04/2007 15:54

Can you talk to your tutour now and tell her you have prospective clents waiting , and can she help you get it in quicker.


PinkChick · 01/04/2007 20:57

you need to speak to ofsted about beomcing registerd, thats when you can start minding from..fingers crossed, the sooner you apply the better cos they are always on the go slow!

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