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How Long?

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ajj · 29/03/2007 18:35

How long did it take for you to get your first mindees?
I have recently registered as a cm, placed adverts in all my local shops, gave out flyers to all parents in local nursery with no enquiries yet!
I have an ad going in the local community mag so fingers crossed that will bring me some.
Any other ideas?

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nannynick · 29/03/2007 18:48

Can't comment much I'm afraid as I'm not a childminder. Have bumped up the advertising thread which may be of help.

Are you listed by ChildcareLink yet? Contact your local CIS, make sure they have your details and that they are all correct, plus tell them you want to be shown on ChildcareLink.

ajj · 29/03/2007 19:23

Thanks nannynick.
CIS told me they get info from ofsted and cannot list me until next update comes.
Should be tuesday!

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KaySamuels · 29/03/2007 19:29

Have you thought of going into large places of work and asking them to put up a poster / business cards / leaflets in the staff room? Places like fire stations, police stations, B+Q, supermarkets, council buildings, bbc, etc would reach lots of people who may need a flexible childcare option. Never done it myself but would be the first thing I would do if I wanted a new mindee or two.


PinkChick · 29/03/2007 19:38

have you registerd with for you free business cards etc?..reg with them then wait, in few days theyll send you freebiy offers, then you can hand them outt at school etc.good luck

Quasi · 29/03/2007 19:39

Get local schools to put your ad in their newsletter?

maximummummy · 29/03/2007 23:30

took me 7 long months to get my first regular mindee i'd say it's not unusual for it to take a good year to get established & known as a childminder. if u have little ones go to every toddler group you can & tell anyone who'll listen that you're a reg.childminder it's all about word of mouth really GOOD LUCK [SMILE]

maximummummy · 29/03/2007 23:31
ajj · 30/03/2007 07:17

Thank you all
Wil start making my way through all the suggestions.
Already have my Vistaparint Business Cards.
Community newsletter out in the next week so fingers crossed it doesn't take too long.

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