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Nanny Agencies - stupid question

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Millarkie · 28/03/2007 23:13

I am thinking I may need to use an agency to find a temp nanny - stupid question -> do they only charge if you hire one of their nannies? ie. can I contact more than one agency and not have to pay the one who I don't hire from?

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nannynick · 28/03/2007 23:15

General answer is YES, but of course you may come up with some agencies where that is not the case - so read the contract carefully.


Millarkie · 28/03/2007 23:20

Thanks Nick - I've tentatively spoken to a couple of local agencies - just to see if they do 'temps' - both wanted to send me nanny details imediately and I didn't want to end up paying both (no mention of contract from them)

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nannynick · 28/03/2007 23:23

I have just found a UK based nanny agency which charges a Client Registration Fee. I won't name them, but it goes to show that some agencies do charge a fee. Most though in my view do not, but check the small print!


nannynick · 28/03/2007 23:24

No mention of a contract. Surely any agency would want you to see their contract / terms of business - insist on seeing it before accepting anything from them, so you know what fees are payable when - such as if they charge a registration fee, and how much they charge for finding you a temp nanny.


DominiConnor · 28/03/2007 23:40

Sadly nannynick not all agencies want you to see their terms before they commence, and no it's not for your benefit.


nannynick · 29/03/2007 07:20

Complaints regarding Employment Agencies can be made to the DTI - DTI: Employment Agency Standards

The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003, 17(1) requires that "Before first providing services (other than the provision of information in the form of a publication) to the hirer, an agency or employment business shall agree with the hirer the terms which apply or will apply between the agency or employment business and the hirer," This Statutory Instrument then goes on to specify what that includes, such as calculation of fees.

Agree Domini that not all agencies abide by the regulations. Please report all agencies you come across to the DTI for investigation.


DominiConnor · 29/03/2007 08:29

Well, yes complaints can be made to the DTI.

But in the real world we both know that the DTI likes to "work with the industry", ie not make waves.
As it happens I own a pimping business myself, and have all sorts of stories to tell, but no one to tell them to.
The only time the DTI is likely to take notice is if some registration fee hasn't been paid, but protecting punters is alien to the DTI.


Eleusis · 29/03/2007 08:33

Why do you need an agency?


Millarkie · 29/03/2007 16:13

Hi Eleusis
I'm thinking of using an agency because a) It's for 1 week in mid-may (when dh is abroad) b) I'll be living in a small village (so not the choice of nannys you get in London c) I'll only have moved to the village for a max of 2 weeks so I don't have anywhere local to interview nannys until then, and when I do I'll be blooming busy sorting out boxes, getting services connected, settling kids at new school and still proving to my boss that moving to the 'middle of nowhere' will not affect my work commitments (which basically means getting up at 6am to get the train in..when my kids still don't sleep through the night and I am forever knackered).

So, was thinking of using an agency, just this once, maybe, possibly.

(But i am trying to recruit my summer holiday nanny myself )

Nannynick - one of the agencies I contacted had their terms and conditions and their placement fees on their website - But NO indication of whether that is the sole fee, or when you pay it.

OP posts:

Millarkie · 29/03/2007 16:20

And my panic is over since my dsis has offered to rearrange her shifts so she can take the kids to school for me.

Am still wondering about the agencies though :O

And on the lookout for an au pair for termtimes I think.

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