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Childminder\Nursery Diary or Record Book

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Mima1 · 28/03/2007 00:25


Does anyone know of a preprinted journal or record book that I can buy ? My daughter is just about to start at a childminder 4 days a week and I would love to have something to go backwards and forwards with her and for the day she is with 'Granny'. My other two went to full time day nursery so they got daily record sheets but I'd like something more permanent. Hopefully it would be a keepsake afterwards esp as I didn't ever get round to filling in a baby book! Not for any of them - I am so ashamed of myself!

I'm back to work tomorrow (on no, today!) after 18mths off so feeling a bit (ok, exceedingly!), wistful and sad! Buying something nice for us both would take my mind off it!

This is my first time on Mumsnet despite 3 children - always too tired to take a proper look. Wish I had years ago, there's so much interesting stuff here! Sorry if this has all been covered before, if so please could someone point me in the right direction.

Many Thanks

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Mima1 · 28/03/2007 00:28

Sorry forgot to say that I saw one designed for the purpose in a mail order catalogue years ago (when I didn't need it!). Have tried GLTC and Urchin etc but unless I am searching badly (ambiguous name etc), I just can't find anything online now. If anyone has a good one, I'd love details of publisher, where to buy etc.


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shouldbedoingsomethingelse · 28/03/2007 00:28

Good Luck with your new job. Check with your childminder, she may already do a daily Diary. Many do


jellybellynally · 28/03/2007 00:37

I do daily journals for my below school age children, so that parents/guardians know what they have been doing, where they have been, who they have seen/played with, activities, outings, what they have eaten, how many nappies, etc etc.
I just buy pretty books to write in, that the parents get to take home & read. If they want to make any notes in there they can add to it as well.


Mima1 · 28/03/2007 00:42

Thanks for getting back to me so fast! I didn't think anyone would reply for ages. I've never tried this chat thing before. It's great, I can see ic oucld be addictive but I must go to bed if I am to stay awake in the office! Yes, my childminder will probably do something but she is new to childminding so she hasn't mentioned it yet. I will ask when my daughter goes for first visit. Her father is looking after her this week. I would like something I could keep if poss rather than just sheets of paper or an exercise book. I have the old exercise books from my first child's nursery but then they switched to tick boxes on photocopied sheets and were not really personalised. Just how many nappy changes and whether they ate all, some or no lunch etc. I would love a few individual comments about my child to look back on. By the way, please can someone explain what all the DD's DD1 and 2 etc mean. I guess DD is something daugher and DS is something son and of course 1 oldest and 2 younger etc but what does the first 'D' stand for. All I can guess is 'darling' - is this right?


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Mima1 · 28/03/2007 00:44

Sorry for all the typing errors. Shows I really must go to bed but too excited watching replies come in! Grumpy partner will get up and shout at me to go to bed in a min!

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jellybellynally · 28/03/2007 00:46

yes, darling


Mima1 · 28/03/2007 00:46

Thanks JellyBelly

Would it be appropriate to put photos and things in as well or should I be thinking of something seperate?

OP posts:

Mima1 · 28/03/2007 00:50

Ok so I have a 10 yr old DS1, a 6 yr old DS2 and a 17 mth old DD1 (or is she a DD3 because she is the third child?). Sorry to be so dim. 'DH' must be darling husband then. We're not married so is he my 'DP'? I may not reply now as going to bed for 6am start. Still in denial!

OP posts:

jellybellynally · 28/03/2007 00:53

I take photos and always put copies in the journals as well.
yes, yours is a dp and your dd is a dd1 as she is the only dd.
sweet dreams x
i am to bed now as well x


busy2busy · 28/03/2007 08:19

Hi, no my usual threads but I have got some lovely travel journals from Paperchase in Borders bookshops.

The are like excersice books with pages for writing but with lots of extra pockets for photos inserts for tickets etc.

My SIL uses hers has a baby 'memory' book for here DS.

About £7 but very nice looking. And will keep for the future.


Mima1 · 28/03/2007 22:46

thanks busy2busy

I have just had a look at the Paperchase website and they do some lovely books that I could adapt. We don't have Borders where I live but apparently House of Fraser stock Paperchase too. Will just have to be very firm with myself and walk past all the other lovely luxuries in there!

Jellybellynally - yes, you caught me out did stay up until 1am in the end, intrigued by the talk threads and trying desperately to preserve the last few hours of my mat leave! I knew that if I went to bed it would all be over and when I woke up I would be a worker back on the treadmill!

Actually work wasn't too bad. The person covering my mat leave has got pregnant in the meantime (no-one will sit on that chair now!) so we all went out for a mass lunch to celebrate my return, her leaving and several birthdays. And managed some non-baby conversation too. So bit of a honey-moon period at the moment. Daughter had lovely day with Granny and Grandpa. We are trying to cover Easter holiday period with family so she gets used to being without me (we have been together 24/7 for 17mths) gradually before transferring to the childminder after the Easter hols. Looking forward to getting some kind of book going with childminder (whether hers or mine) as would like daughter to be able to recognise and add things to it or put things in together from the weekend. Rose coloured vision at the minute. Reality will kick in soon and will just end up being scrawled messages re naps and nappies!

OP posts:

ayla99 · 29/03/2007 09:53

I haven't seen them but the National Childminding Association sell journals at £8 each to non-members, small discount for NCMA members.

Some childminders use normal diaries, but then you're restricted to the space allotted for each day. I just use lined hardback book to note down about meals, where we've been, things the child has said/done, enjoyed/hated etc.


babydales · 29/03/2007 13:51

The official childminding ones are pretty boring so I would go for a nice one from a shop. Dont be upset with your childminder if she has not got the time to fill it in fully everyday as these things take up valuable children time. I like doing them for the children I care for as I look back on them too and see how they have come on but they do take time to fill in.

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