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CM CLUB: What is officially accepted as a bed for an overnight mindee?

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PinkChick · 26/03/2007 15:40

we have an inflatable ready bed for mindee, which mum requested when we mentioned it to her as this is what she sleeps on at her grans.i bought another one in a boys design, just incase, but am concerned that after reading about similar in another thread this may not be accepted by ofsted????

OP posts:

looneytune · 26/03/2007 15:54

Presume it's my thread that has worried you? I must admit it worried me too as the parents tend to be happy with these sort of things. I have a 5 week old baby and mum in the future will be looking for 1 night a month overnight IF I get registered and originally intended to use a travel cot if they were happy as my own ds used to go several days in a travel cot when away, not like you take a proper cot with you everywhere you go.

Pinkchick - are you registered for overnight care?


PinkChick · 26/03/2007 15:56

yes, i got reg with my initial registration so all done together as they said it would be a faff if i did it later.

i have also just got a travel cot for new younger mindee's?..i would find this and ready bed totally acceptable for one nights sleep over for my dd??????

OP posts:

looneytune · 26/03/2007 15:58

I would too PinkChick. If I have to have a proper single bed in the room then I'm not going to bother getting registered. Seems a shame because no one else in my area seems to offer it and there's obviously a need for some parents!!


PinkChick · 26/03/2007 16:03

yeah, no one i know offers overnight either..we move dd to larger room so she has her own toys and stuff(things that are sentimental that would get broken on playroom), so now our spare room is small one with comutor in, we move bookcase and chair out then put in ready bed with bed guard underneath, mindee sleeps almost 12 hours in there(nothing like at hiome according to mum?), so it msut be comfy?

OP posts:

madge7 · 26/03/2007 17:10


I am registered for overnight care too, Ofsted lady saw the travel cot for little ones and futon (single) for older ones - she was cool with that?



nannynick · 26/03/2007 19:33

Sorry for getting you worried - expect it was my response to looneytune's thread. It was purely my view, and as I said in the thread, it would be down to an inspector as to what they permitted - I can not locate any specific rules regarding what is and isn't a bed within Ofsted's published information.

Madge7, great to hear from someone who has had an inspection for Overnight care where the inspector has seen the bed... and that they were not bothered by it being a travel cot.


PinkChick · 26/03/2007 19:37

right so if there ar no hard and fast rulees for it, then something like this shouldnt be 'bad' or marked as a problem should it?..really?..i know they all say diff but if there is nothing set in stone surely you should be able to use whatever parent is happy with?

OP posts:

nannynick · 26/03/2007 20:10

"I can not locate any specific rules regarding what is and isn't a bed within Ofsted's published information."

As ever, the issue is what Ofsted decide to publish. Only way to find out is to do a Freedom of Information Act request for everything relating to overnight care plus everything relating to beds at daycare premises.

If someone has been marked down for using a travel cot instead of a permanent bed, then can you provide a link to the report? It may help to read about that in context, and a Policy complaint could be made to Ofsted as they don't mention it in National Standards or Guidance.

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