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how much should I pay a babysitter?

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tigerschick · 26/03/2007 11:16

May seem obvious but I really haven't a clue!

She's 15 and a family friend. We'll be out late so she is staying over the night and has been told to go to bed whenever she wants, not to wait up for us. We're giving her dinner and breakfast and taking her home in the morning.

So how much should she get? Thanks in anticipation

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tigerschick · 26/03/2007 14:38


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majorstress · 26/03/2007 14:46



tigerschick · 26/03/2007 14:49

Thanks Majorstress, that's about what i was thinking

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Genidef · 26/03/2007 15:20

I'm confused. The question I would have to decide this is:

how many children
what ages
what are her responsibilities - ie bath, put to bed etc

I think you want to be looking at around £4-5 per hour. £4 per hour maybe - although some might dispute the reasoning behind this - if she is arriving after the children are asleep and gets to sit and watch TV all night. Although maybe pay a little more if someone gets up and needs entertaining.


liquidclocks · 26/03/2007 15:23

I pay £15 for 7.30pm - 11pm ish. She's a local student and all she has to do is watch the telly and ring us if baby cries...

easy money - wish it came as quickly as it disappears!


tigerschick · 26/03/2007 16:06

The children are 11 and 9. They will eat together with her and put themselves to bed. Should say at this point that it is actually not me who is asking My neighbour, and mutual friend of the babysitter, is off out on Friday night (lucky so and so). I have sat for them before on a 'share and share alike basis' but this time, because it's gonna be a late one, they've asked the friend to do it. The kids are very good and know that there will be hell to pay if they mess about!

OP posts:

ssd · 26/03/2007 16:19

£20 seems fair


Genidef · 26/03/2007 16:46

£20-25 - would probably err on the higher side, but I'm a mug about these things. i was the one on the other thread who got shafted for £65 on evening- but one baby and a toddler, who was up until nearly 10 and crying before that.

I should keep my trap shut.

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