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CM Club - dilemma!

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saltire · 25/03/2007 16:04

As some of you now I am moving soon, and all my parents are now aware of this. However, one of the mums has had three weeks off as holidays, I get mindee back tomorrow, and then she is off the 2 weeks of the school holidays. I have in my contract that all parents get 3 weeks free holidays (yes, I know, but that's the way it works here, those that charge for all holidays are the ones wiith no mindees). She is having 5 weeks, but she said to me that she wanted to keep her holidays for the summer. I haven't yet given notice as I don't know when we are moving, but it will be end May/ beginning of June.

What's bothering me is
Do I give her the three weeks free holidays because i won't be here for the summer and then charge her the usual half rates for the remaining two weeks, or do i charge her the half rates for the whole five weeks, even though i won't be here in the summer and she hasn't yet used up any of her free entitlement.
I'm puzzling over this one, so opinions would be appreciated

OP posts:

nannynick · 25/03/2007 16:26

Not sure I fully understand.

So far this year, how many weeks has the the parent taken as holiday? Has that been free, or have they paid you?

Presuming you give notice prior to the parent taking any more holiday, would you be able to payback 3 weeks worth of money?

Are any dates confirmed yet? If not, the may be best to wait until things are confirmed, then you can give them notice and then calculate any overpayment.


saltire · 25/03/2007 16:37

The parent concerned has not used any of her free holidays yet since the mindee started with me in August. She has already had three weeks of the holiday (5th March for 3 weeks). Then I have mindee for a week, then she has another 2 weeks holidays from 2nd April until 16th April. Normally she pays me at the start of the month, but she has been away for the whole three weeks, so I never got it.
I won't be giving notice until at least the 30th April, possibly later depending on our allocation of a house.
I'm confusing myself now

OP posts:

Katymac · 25/03/2007 16:44

So she will get a proportion of the 3 weeks Aug-May(?) 10 months so (15/12)*10...12.5 days??

Doesn't help much does it?


saltire · 25/03/2007 16:46

I'm actually tempted to just let her have the three weeks she lad at the beginning of this onth as her free holidays and charge her the 1/2 rates for the two she is taking in April, but i'm worried that i am overcharging her, or doing something wrong under the ccontract terms. I've never had to give notice before!

OP posts:

ShoshableEggEater · 25/03/2007 16:52

Mine get 4 weeks at half pay Jan to Jan, plus twp weeks at Christmas, they domt pay for my holiday, I charge the 1st 4 weeks they have at half price, anything els is at full price.


Katymac · 25/03/2007 16:52

She will be doing very well if you give her those 3 weeks she isn't entitled to them as she won't be with you a I think she will agree


saltire · 25/03/2007 16:57

I know katy, but I feel that i should because I'm the one who is eventually going to give notice, not her.

OP posts:

Katymac · 25/03/2007 16:59

So give her the 3 week - you loose by 2.5 days but you feel better

win/win imo


nannynick · 25/03/2007 17:47

Agree with KatyMac, if you are happy to give full 3 weeks, rather than giving it pro-rata, then go ahead. The parent wins, you feel better about the whole thing, and the loss isn't that big.

Then charge 1/2 rate (presuming that is what is agreed in the contract for holidays in addition to the 3 weeks) for any other time the parent chooses not to use your service.

As far as I make out, this parent will have been paying full fee for all the holiday taken so far, plus what they will take in April... is that right? If so, then you paying back money isn't going to be a big issue for them... is it?

When you give notice, talk with the parents about holiday entitlement and see what they feel is reasonable - they may not want 3 weeks worth of holiday paid back.

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