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anyone know any sites etc of babysitters in manchester

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mammymax · 23/03/2007 11:37

list here pls thanks

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smeeinit · 23/03/2007 13:38



mammymax · 23/03/2007 13:43


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nannynick · 23/03/2007 18:33

It depends on how you want to recruit a babysitter.

There are national agencies, such as Sitters, Safehands, Abtot who operate like an employment agency - finding you a suitable person, charging you a finders fee / membership fee, booking fee or fee relative to number of hours you employ the person they provide to you.

There are websites that purely list evening babysitters, such as and

Then there are job sites which are either general - such as, or are specific to a particular industry such as

In addition to these online resources, off-line/traditional methods of finding a babysitter are still going strong in many areas. Word-of-mouth is often a good method, just ask other parents who they use. Local newsagents may have postcard advertising, as do some other shops.

Hope that helps.

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