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Unexpected day off

4 replies

hennipenni · 23/03/2007 09:05

Oh what is a girl to do with a whole day off?!!!

Mindee 1 has gone out with her GPs for the day and her parents are still paying me for her day, mindee2 is proper poorly.

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crace · 23/03/2007 09:25

Woohoo! Enjoy yourself whatever you do - a big cuppa and a book would be first on my list as I haven't picked up a book in ages.

I only have my mindee until 1pm, which is what she is meant to do, but usually is here until 6pm so I have an unexpected afternoon off as well.

Just me and my own two kiddies - weve got rubbish weather here though so can't even get them out to the park


DominiConnor · 23/03/2007 09:30

What do other parents do when they have a random day with their kids ?
We give the nanny what amounts to a hennipenni's free day.
Are we being stupidly soft ?


dmo · 23/03/2007 10:35

look at thread is it me


hennipenni · 23/03/2007 10:41

I have looked and posted, beleive me this is a very rare occurance for me, if parents want to send their children to me whilst their off work then that's fine by me!

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