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diploma or nvq

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bmz · 22/03/2007 21:09

which one is the better to go for?

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dmo · 22/03/2007 21:17

not sure i did NVQ's first 2 then 3 not going for level 4 yet


KaySamuels · 23/03/2007 08:27

I'm doing NVQ3 ccld, chose this as I thought having a general early years qualification would be better than a childminder specific one as tbh I don't plan on being a childminder forever. CCLD is a good qualification for a range of childcare jobs.

Depends why you want to do it and how you like to work I guess.


dmo · 23/03/2007 10:25

i was a nursery nurse when i did NVQ3 so mine wasnt cm course

doing the new framework starting in april combining birth to 3 and the other framework together


bmz · 23/03/2007 11:00

thank you for your replies. Is there another course then what's this new framework?

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