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OI - BLUEBEAR!!!!! You still moving to Audley End?

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Gizmo · 22/03/2007 16:57

Haven't seen you around recently (despite intensive lurking) but if you are, and if you're still moving to Audley End, then I have a top tip for you.

Which is...a lady called Paula at Apricot Nannies. Diamond geezer, has moved heaven and earth for me to try and find unfeasibly cheap but wonderful nanny (see my rants passim). She's not succeeded yet, but I promised her a recommendation on the strength of her obvious commitment to my cause, and it occurred to me that you might be wondering about agencies if your big move is still happening this spring.

OP posts:

Bluebear · 22/03/2007 17:12

Hi Gizmo - I'm here more than ever, but changed my name after an emotional evening when I felt that I had become just tooo recognisable to real life lurkers.
Thanks for the top tip - I have to admit that I posted on Nannyjob and asked the nannies to recommend an agency in the area and they all said Apricot nannies, so I've been in contact with them already.
We have interviewed a couple of gumtree nannies, who were OK, but have now got a cunning plan to put ds and dd into a independent school which covers 8am - 5.45 (only need this 2 days a week) so might do without a nanny in termtime and just look for school hols cover.
The move is happening..but very bogged down in daft solicitors questions. (Last one was ..what was the name of the plumber who fitted the boiler 4 years answer..Steve)
What sort of nanny are you looking for? I have interviewed a respectable nursery nurse who is looking for part-time work - I felt she was more suited to littlies (mine being 3.5 and 5.5) but could give you her details if you want.

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